Our next issue focuses on the supernatural… but it’s not your “boogeyman/ghost” supernatural!  This issue deals directly with things that many Christians engage in, but think nothing of, dismissing it as “fun”.

supernaturalLet’s test how savvy you are when it comes to the supernatural, and protecting your family from demonic activity…

  1. It is okay for my children to play with the ouija board, magic 8 ball, or tarot cards as there is nothing serious about it.  It’s just for fun!
  2. I don’t need to teach my children what to do at a sleepover in case a horror movie is watched.  I know the parents are Christian.
  3. There are no such things as ghosts.
  4. Spirits cannot attach themselves to objects.
  5. A Christian cannot be oppressed by an evil spirit.
  6. There is no such thing as being “cursed”.

Now what about God’s supernatural?

Did you know…

  1. That there is a difference between walking in faith supernaturally waiting for a miracle and foolishness?
  2. Not every situation warrants spiritual warfare attacks, nor is a demon behind everything bad that happens.  Sometimes, it can be just our mistake.
  3. Feeling a “stop” or check in your spirit should never be dismissed.  God may be telling you something.
  4. Satan cannot prevent your victory according to God’s promises.  Sometimes we give him too much power over our lives.
  5. Many people can indeed see demons and dead people.  They are nothing to fear, however, and can be removed instantly by using 5 powerful words.
  6. Healings are not always instantaneous.  Some do take time.

Curious about any of these?  These features are just some of the topics that we will expand upon in the next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine.  Additionally, we will take you on an adventure through the supernatural and tell you how to activate it in your life so that you, too, may see the victory that God had intended for you.

Our next issue comes out on September 26, 2018.

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