Oops! I Hurt My Spouse Again!

Are you faced with the sinking realization of, “Oops, I hurt my spouse!” Most times, we don’t mean to. Yet those feet look awfully tasty when communication just doesn’t seem to come out just right. Many things are laughable, and they are the types of things that jokes are made out of. We think we will never fall into these traps, yet we do. We tell other spouses not to do these things… yet we inadvertently do it ourselves, much to our dismay.

I hurt my Spouse, but I can Fix it!

Over time, communication can wane. We aren’t always mindful of what we say to our loved ones, and our words can become careless. Instead of using tact, we become overly direct resulting in hurt and resentment over time in our marriages if left unaddressed. You become faced with the reality of I hurt my spouse, but I don’t know what to do.

Ever made a comment that you wish you could take back? We all have. Furthermore, we have often found ourselves in a common trap with our spouses. Men can attest that the phrase, “Do I look fat in this?” has no correct answer. Women can attest to the angry feelings when a man says, “Wow! Does she look hot!”

Again, the foot is awfully tasty! Yet in many of these cases, they are correctable.

Then, There Are the Deep-Seated Issues

hurt my spouse

Proper communication between the sexes can be hard enough. It is even harder when a spouse detaches or gives silent treatment. Sometimes, this is in retaliation. Other times, it may be a coping method. Yet, how are you to know how to resolve it? How long do you wait until they come around? Do you initiate the conversation?

What happens if your relationship is truly toxic? Scripture clearly states that divorce really isn’t an option, yet it doesn’t tolerate oppression, either. People in this situation feel stuck with nowhere to return. There is no healing, and over time, sadness can envelop them. So, what do you do?

In these cases, how do you heal the hurt? How do you enter into the victory that you deserve?

Our June issue deals with a plethora of marriage issues ranging from inadvertent to those that have a long-term negative effect. These are difficult to navigate through, yet we bring you to hope.

Wonder if you have fallen into a pitfall or maybe thrown your spouse into a pit? Our June issue will guide you to fixing what may be broken. After all, it is never too late to reconcile, to make things right, and our God can truly do miracles.

Our next issue comes out on June 3, 2022.

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