Tyde Moore consists of husband and wife Christian songwriters, David and Krista Moore. “Tyde” is actually Krista’s middle name, but David likes to say, “She stole my last name, so I stole her middle name for the band!”

They use the term “band” loosely as the duo features other artists on recordings made for release of songs written by them. They are currently working on two projects, one of which will be released by the artist who is co-writing with them.

The other will be released by Tyde Moore featuring a very special artist, not yet to be named.

David is also a writer for the Oakland Christian Music Examiner and the exclusive PR Representative for Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment artist Katelyn McCarter.

Currently the band only has one release, “Because You First Loved Me (feat. Lori Hall).”

The couple releases their music commercially for three reasons:

1. To bring glory to God (So, you won’t see secular music from this group.)
2. They want fans to hear it, without need of consent from industry gatekeepers.
3. They are hoping to gain interest from other Christian artists who might want to perform their music; and again without consent from industry gatekeepers. This plan actually did garner interest from one artist, Rev Randy Farmer has a version of Because You First Loved Me released, it’s titled, “I Love You Jesus.”

For further information on Tyde Moore, stay tuned and read the rest of the interview in our summer issue!