It is a dangerous sport with too many casualties.

“Husband Bashing” has unfortunately become increasingly common for some ladies.  Some, say that it just relieves stress while others claim that they are “talking through” their dissatisfaction with their spouse.  Who else are they supposed to talk to?

The answer would be, your husband.  If you have an issue with something that your husband is doing, or not doing, then you need to discuss it with your spouse- not your friend.  The two of you need to work it out and reach a compromise- not point out to your friend how “inept” your husband is, competing for who has the most inept husband, and then laughing about it.

It is quite mean, if you really think about it.  You are talking behind your husband’s back, and affecting how your friend views your husband.  The conversation, if we are honest, is not edifying, nor are you seeking your friend’s advice on how to handle a situation.  You are just complaining and poking fun at your husband at his expense.

Many women feel that their confidence is safe with their friend- that is until something unintentionally gets blurted out.  Then the husband is hurt that his wife never told him, yet she confided in her friend.  Most humiliating is that he is the butt of a joke, and make out to be some kind of looser.  It does nothing to bolster a man’s self-esteem, and it fosters mistrust between a husband and his wife.

Ladies, you need to be aware that gossiping about your husband has serious consequences for your marriage.  If you have an issue, you need to address it with your spouse.  If you can’t, then ask a friend for advice- but don’t make your husband look like a buffoon.  It speaks just as ill of you as it does of him, and can wreck your marriage if he ever found out.

Learn about the effects of gossip and husband bashing in our next issue and how to overcome the temptation to “spill”- even if it is just in jest.

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