Women growing up in today’s society are lead to believe that it is acceptable for them to be both the provider and head of the household. Men are often portrayed through media to be mostly incompetent- as the wife quite often can do the task better- and the men are just outrightly passive. They almost take on more of a feminine characteristic.

The women are portrayed to be successful in the job force, but they are very aggressive and domineering at home. These are the role models that are influencing our children. But are they biblical role models?

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The Answer Is No- The Role Models Are Not Biblical

According to the Bible, men are commanded to be the provider and spiritual head of the home. God instructed Adam to work the fields- not Eve. (Genesis 2:15) It isn’t to say that a woman cannot work- God gave all of His children gifts and talents. It is, however, to say that a man should not be lazy, but make sure that his family is taken care of financially.

In fact, scripture equates a man who is lazy and fails to provide for his family to an unbeliever and having abandoned the faith (1 Timothy 5:8). Some men are so very unmotivated/beaten down that they refuse to work, and aren’t even involved in child-rearing- all of it falls on the mother.

Does This Effect The Marriage?

Absolutely! If the husband is unable to work for a short period of time due to lay-offs or in the case of disability, the wife should work to help support the family. However, if he doesn’t work and is able, then resentment eventually creeps in. The wife will begin to see her spouse as less of a man, and disgust will eventually creep into the marriage.

Tammie Croft discusses the role of a husband in marriage. She goes through what is biblically expected of a man in terms of leading his family, and as the provider. She discusses what happens when the wife usurps that role, and what spouses can do if they find themselves in this situation wherein bitterness and resentment have begun to take root.

Please note that we are not saying that husbands cannot stay at home and help with child-rearing. The decision of who works either at home, who stays at home, or who raises the kids is an individual decision that couples must make together… And agree upon. We are simply presenting the biblical foundation as to how God created both men and women.

More specifically, we are looking to define what their biblical roles are within the home as many families are negatively impacted by taking on roles that God did not ordain for them. By doing so, it created disharmony between couples and too many people don’t really know the core of what they are fighting about.

This article and more in our upcoming issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine which is being released on January 28, 2019!

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