Is this how you want to see the Church?  It’s not God’s design!

Media is plagued with news stories of churches cutting back due to insufficient funds, or closing altogether and selling their property.  Endless polls cite a rapid decline in those who believe in God and blame a decline in morals for this downturn.  People look around and see empty pews and wonder where did all the believers go?  Is the church dying?

The better question would be why would God let the church, His bride, die?  The answer is, He wouldn’t.  He is stronger than the enemy, and can make all things possible.  We can choose to see this as a sad decline in response to societal shifts, but these shifts are nothing new, historically.  We can either choose to see it as the death of the church, or as an opportunity for revival.

If we see morals decline in our society, it is an opportunity to share the gospel with more people.  We know that the world’s way of living only leads to destruction, so there are millions of souls that need to know that there is a better life that they could be living- and that is through Christ.  It is a growing opportunity for all Christians to do what God has designed for us to do: go out and preach the gospel, and make disciples.  The church is a building, but we are the body.  It is up to the body to bring in new believers to the building to hear the gospel.  We cannot remain passive in our attempts to reach the lost.  People need to hear about Jesus.  It is only when we get out of our isolated comfort zones that we will see revival spread across the nations.  This is when true change happens.

If you don’t like the way the world is going, you need to read this month’s article on whether or not churches are dying and what every believer should do about it.

Share this post if you STRONGLY believe revival is possible, and want to see it happen before your very eyes!  The choice is yours.

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  1. christoph Koebel on January 9, 2016 at 10:08 am

    The reality is there is much moral decline within the church. I heard some shocking stats about porn consumption at Christian Colleges.With “revival” we often think of great multitudes turning to Christ. That is actually the outcome of a revival. I was just thinking about the German term for “revival”. Its meaning is “wake up”. We can sleepy “Christians” wake up, but not dead ones. Yes we need revival among us followers of Christ. And JFM is on the right track 🙂

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