Would you have done things Differently? Made less mistakes?

The problem is that most times we are simply told, “Don’t do it.” Or how many of us, humorously, have used the phrase, “Because I said so” and realized that you sound just like your parents! Perhaps you don’t really understand the reasoning behind some of the instructions that your parents gave you other than the feeling of it being unfair.

Well, there is a why to everything. Unfortunately, when you are the one giving the instruction, we don’t always take the time out to explain the “why” behind the reasoning.

Or maybe it’s just that we are too uncomfortable to offer up an explanation as to why we are telling you to do something.

The reality is that our children know more about what to do in the natural than they do in faith. They are taught how to react to various situations they may, or may not face in life with an overall worldly perspective.

Yet, can you imagine what their lives would look like if we took time out to explain the full, and biblical ramifications of the potential consequences of their actions? The fact that things don’t always turn out happily-ever-after when we make a wrong choice, and that sometimes we have to accept responsibility because that is what maturity is all about. Would they gain wisdom? What about understanding? Would they maybe fight you less?

Our October issue explores topics that are discussed in the natural, but not the supernatural/biblical context. The conversations are much different in nature, and they explain behaviour on both a logical and biblical way.

Does SOmeone You know need to hear this message?

Some important questions include:

  • The world’s why’s of contraception/abstinence are to avoid STI’s and pregnancy. Yet, who is telling these teens/adults the spiritual why as to why they should abstain? Why sex better within marriage? What does sex outside of marriage do you you emotionally/spiritually?
  • Why “hook up’s” are a bad idea? Why do youth engage in this type of behaviour? Why will you regret this decision looking back?
  • What do you do if you feel like you’ve found “the one” that God has for you, and they break up with you? How do you reconcile what you feel was the hand of God versus feelings that you may have been wrong?
  • My spouse refuses change, is it over? Is the relationship is truly dead or not? Is reconciliation even possible and how?
  • “We are just not compatible!” Why does this phrase often comes up in marriage? God often creates couples who have different attributes not to break them apart, but to be used together for His glory. You could be one of them!
  • How can you mend a broken relationship with a parent? Why should you attempt to reconcile with them, how do you avoid hurt/rejection, and how do you set appropriate boundaries?

These are just some of the topics that we will discuss in our next issue. There are many more to come!

Our October issue comes out on September 26, 2019!

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