Or the most important question: Should they?

No matter how hard we try, we tend to have a public personna that is quite different than how we behave privately.  Most of it has to do with social mores, and acceptable public behaviour.  Often, what we can “get away with” at home is quite different than what is acceptable in public.  Additionally, home is seen as a sanctuary- a place that we are more comfortable with and can relax in.  However, some characteristics are not desirable in either place, and one cannot expect that one characteristic will not “eek” out into the public realm.

There is a misconception that how we behave at home will not be displayed publicly- that we can control our behaviour when we need to.  We tend to hide undesirable characteristics in public because we want people to accept us, not think negatively towards us, and our behaviour tends to be more calculated as we are guided more by our motives and aspirations.  If you really look at it, it is a type of deception because we are not revealing the true “us”- it is a mask.  This is especially true of people with anger and control issues.  They tend to lull themselves with the belief that they are often a “master manipulator”, and how they behave at home would never come out in public.  Yet, as with any behaviour, most of it eventually does.  There will be something that will inevitably act as a trigger, and instinctively we will react without even considering what we are doing, nor will be think about the potential ramifications.

Additionally, sometimes God will use these types of situations to bring about change in an individual- especially if we are being obstinate about changing characteristics that God has spoken to us about.

Lisa Sterling will discuss why we should exhibit good character at home so that it translates into the workplace.  This will help believers to build not only better, godly characteristics, but to introduce peace and harmony into our homes.  Our homes should not be a place to let everything hang out, but a place wherein we should display the fruits of the Spirit which includes self-control and discipline.

A person who displays good characteristics both at home and publicly is indeed someone to be admired, and their success will translate wherever they go.  Additionally, they don’t have to worry about embarrassing slip-ups because they have already internalize what it means to walk in righteousness.  They will truly be an example to many.

Our next issue comes out on January 26, 2018!


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