Indiana has recently adopted a new law granting personhood to unborn children.

Relevant Magazine reports that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill allowing suspects to be charged with murder if they harm a pregnant woman who subsequently loses her unborn child.

Pro-life supporters are praising this bill as it acknowledges that an unborn child is indeed a person.  However, this new law does not apply to legal abortions.

IndianaWKTR reports that SB 203 allows prosecutors to charge suspects with murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter and feticide is the fetus is killed in any stage of development.

This move to amend the existing law came into consideration when a concerned citizen voiced her concern to her congressperson after the death of her teenage daughter.  Jennifer Lee’s daughter, Brittany, was eleven weeks pregnant when she was shot and killed while purchasing a television.

Lee expressed her frustration that the suspect could not be tried for the death of her granddaughter, and sent a letter to each member of the Indiana state legislature.  Her letter touched senator Aaron Freeman who subsequently drafted this bill.

Unfortunately, the new law will not be applied in her daughter’s case, but Lee is satisfied that at least some suspects will face consequences in the future.

The new Indiana law will go into effect in July.


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