Marriage is said to go through four stages in it’s development, and each stage has a varying effect on intimacy. Numerous studies have concluded that marital satisfaction decreases with the first child, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.  Nor does divorce (another trend) make parenthood better.  What does improve intimacy is how a couple deals with changes in the season of their marriage, and how open communication is.  The birth of children should be a wondrous thing for any couple, and should draw them closer as they raise a child together.  Likewise, children leaving the nest should provide married couples an opportunity to reconnect as a couple- not tear them apart because children were the only thing keeping them together.

God designed marriage to be forever, and couples should look for ways to “weather the storm” when it comes to life’s changes.  Sometimes we just have to make time for each other, in a marriage, and sometimes we just plain have to be creative.  However, couples can still generate intimacy no matter what season they are in, and marriage still can be great.

IntimacySo, How Can We Achieve Greater Intimacy Without Sacrificing Time With Our Kids?

Chris Benton will review the stages of the marriage cycle and how it effects intimacy.  He will discuss ways that you can continue to be intimate with each other by placing your spouse’s needs first (remember, the marriage should last beyond when the kids leave the home), and how when our priorities are not in order, intimacy suffers.

If you are looking to get closer to your spouse, or are longing for that intimacy that you once had when you were just married, this article will inspire you.  Seasons don’t have to dictate the closeness in your marriage, nor do the world’s solutions to the problem.  All of the answers can simply be found in the Bible- if we are open to finding out what God says about the issue.  And yes, the Bible does discuss intimacy!!

This article and more in our March issue coming out on February 26th, 2018.


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