These Intimacy Secrets will put Sparks in even the Best Marriages!

Most of us would chime in with our own definition, but is it an accurate one?  Many would state that it is knowing your spouse on a deep level and understanding them completely.  Others may comment, “sex”.  Do we really understand the role of intimacy in our marriages?

I have heard intimacy described as, “in to me see”, which means an understanding and appreciation of your spouse.  This type of intimacy comes with open and honest communication between individuals.  It comes when two people seek to understand each other and know each other deeply.  When we do this in our marriages, we develop a deep bond with our spouse.  There is a sense of connectivity, appreciation, and understanding.

Yet this is only just the surface of the issue… there is more!

The step to true intimacy in a relationship is one that most people are reluctant and down-right afraid to take let alone initiate with their spouse for fear of rejection or hurt.  Yet the benefits to a striving, deep, godly marriage depend on it.  This step goes to the core of our being, but if you can implement it, you can take your marriage to a whole new level that you never imagined!

For this secret and more, be on the look out for our next issue arriving February 26 and watch God transform your marriage!

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