Are You Inadvertently Claiming Intuition Over God’s Gifts In Operation?

(Women’s) intuition, gut feeling, unction, hunch, sensation, etc can be symptomatic of something greater in operation over your life- especially if they are frequent, and often accurate.

There are those that are so spiritually sensitive, that they can just feel things in the atmosphere. They picks up easily on emotions, mood shifts, demonic/angelic activity, and can “read” people well. The ability to read people well is often attributed to self, but in reality is truly a gift from God.

God provides us with the ability to discern whether someone is being truthful, sincere, or “on the level”. Most of us attribute it simply to intuition, or a gut feeling, but it really is the Lord speaking to you about a specific person or situation.


The gift itself should never be used solely for our own gain, but to both glorify God, and to help others as well. Discernment begins with the ability to instinctively tell when something is amiss, and the intuition to know when something is wrong. Sometimes we are able to pinpoint supernaturally what it is, and other times we just know that something isn’t right.

Discernment begins with these feelings, and often morphs into word of knowledge as God reveals to us supernaturally what is in operation. Believers should never take these gifting for granted as they are often for our own protection, and for the betterment of others.

Chris Benton goes into depth about how discernment is often mislabelled as intuition or hunches, and how it actually leads into a larger gifting once we understand it better.

Many of these giftings flow into the prophetic as God wills, and it is very important to understand how they work if we hope to flow in the fullness of God over various situations.

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