Thousands of Christians in Iran are currently secretly worshiping as part of a house church movement.

Christianity is considered a threat to Islam according to the Iranian government.  Yet Open Doors USA estimates as much as 450,000 Christians are located there.  Other statistics conclude that there are more than one million in the country.
The Christian Post reports that there is a London-based theological center that is responsible for training Christian leaders in Iran, and that 200 Iranian Christians have been trained by the London-based Pars Theological Center to become leaders of the house church movement.
According to OneNewsNow, a source with the center says that Pars sees it as an opportunity to train agents of change thereby transforming the Iranian society “from the bottom up by fostering a grassroots development of the values of Jesus in an Iranian style.”

The sources also commented that the movement is not anti-Iranian, but an Iranian movement.  They are seeing a great number of Muslims returning to Christ.

Each house church has four to five Christians participating, and the location changes every time.  If people want to sing in worship, they sing very quietly or don’t sing at all.

The Pars program can take three years to complete, and students are taught on Christian themes such as The Suffering Church, Hermeneutics, Christian Counseling, Ministry and Teaching of Jesus, Christian Ethics, the Trinity, and Apologetics.

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