Jason Gray releases three albums in Order, disorder, reorder series

Jason Gray

Jason Gray has complied a three-part album entitled, “Order Disorder Reorder”. The song, “Remind Me You’re Here” is a single from the Disorder series and is currently available.

Jason Gray released his first album, Order, on August 16, 2019, and it discusses topics such as what do you do when things aren’t going as planned. Disorder, the second in the series, wrestles with the topic of what to do when your hopes don’t manifest or don’t appear. Disorder is set to come out at the beginning of next year.

“Disorder is when our plan falls apart; when we find we weren’t as in control as we thought we were,” comments Jason Gray to Hoganson Media. “Reminded of our vulnerability, we are broken down and opened up enough to meet with God in a profound way.

“We think we want answers when the catastrophes of life hit, but the story of Job reminds us that an answer isn’t always what we need or even desire the most,” continues Gray. “Answers rarely—if ever—bring healing. Rather, to experience the presence of God in the midst of our suffering is very healing. Our questions burn away like fog at sunrise and in their place comes the deep sense that we are held.”

The reason for the staggered release dates for the albums and why they have been divided is to allow the listener to reflect on the meaning and delve into the journey before moving on to the next album.

The release of Disorder and Reorder will be announced in the New Year.

For all of Jason Gray’s latest tour, music, news and more information, go to http://jasongraymusic.com

Faith Filled Family was honored to be able to interview Jason Gray on his upcoming album. His interview was insightful, and discussed the depths of all three of his albums.

Jason Gray also mentions, “statio” in his interview, and the reason behind the three heads on the album cover.

Curious? Find the answers in our interview in the December issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on November 26, 2019!

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