Jeff Allen is another clean, Christian comedian who is co-headlining CRTV’s Make Comedy Great Again Tour.  Joining him are Ross Bennet, Earl David Reed, Tina Giorgi, and Brad Upton for a 100% politics-free stand up comedy tour.

Jeff began his career doing stand-up in 1978.  Feeling humiliated by the low pay and lack of respect that he received, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol which nearly cost him his marriage, family and career.

In 1987, Jeff became sober and found God.  Then he turned his tears about his past experience into laughter.  

Jeff has performed at the most prestigious comedy venues globally, and headlined national tours.  He’s been featured at the Grand Ole Opry, Bill Gaither’s Homecoming tours, the Presidential Inauguration of George W. Bush, and the National Prayer Breakfast.   With his unwavering support of the military, Jeff has performed for American troops around the world.

He has numerous television appearances on Showtime, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, VH1’s Standup Spotlight, Glenn Beck, Huckabee and many more.  Additionally, he has starred in a syndicated comedy series entitled, “Bananas”, and “Happy Wife, Happy Life” on Odyssey Channel and FamilyNet.  

Faith Filled Family Magazine was fortunate to interview Jeff Allen for our January 2019 issue wherein he discusses his Make Comedy Great Again tour, his career, and how he came to be a clean comedian.  It’s an interview you don’t want to miss!

Our January 2019 issue comes out on December 27, 2018!

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