Will this be you?

Revival… it’s preached everywhere and every believer has heard this word. However, not many understand it, nor do they comprehend the importance of it. Another word we hear is church growth, and bringing friends/family to church. Some take it seriously to some degree and bring out friends, co-workers, and family. Others couldn’t be bothered for whatever reason. We see churches diminishing, closing, and the world going darker every year. Most people, and definitely all Christians, want to see the world improve. Yet what are we doing about it? Why are we passively standing in our churches just listening to the music and the preaching, but are not moved by it in our hearts? The biggest question arises when we ask ourselves whether or not we have lost our passion for Christ… or whether we even had it to begin with. Without passion, we will never see a true revival, nor will we see true change.

The army of Jesus needs to wake up from its slumber- we’ve been napping for too long! We need to start occupying the world for Christ and discipling others in the faith. We need to become mature believers ourselves, and churches need to give the saints the tools necessary to spread the gospel- the entire gospel.

But where does it start?

As a body, many of us have lost our passion for Christ. Instead of occupying the world, we just occupy a seat in church. Jesus doesn’t reach the core of our being. We sing, but we don’t SING praises to God with our spirits. Often, many of us don’t move or worship, as we are too bound in our conservative or religious ways to let the Spirit of God move through us.

We feel God’s presence, but it doesn’t move us the way it should. We are bound with thoughts that we shouldn’t sing out, praise out, shout out, or even dance a little in our seats. We hear the word of God, but it doesn’t electrify us because we are not actively listening. We take what we need from a sermon never thinking that often what we hear we can use to minister to others even if we are not experiencing it at the time.

In short, we know about God, we love God, but we are not excited about God. We lack the passion necessary to make an impact because we are caught up in a conservative world that binds us from really experiencing God and the Holy Spirit.

We need to know the following as believers:

1. We can praise God! It’s not just a simple, polite, perfunctory, “thank you” prayer. It is deep down, I-love-God-with-all-my-heart, I-am-happy-to-be-alive, electrified, soul crying out, on my knees, all of me, type of worship. It comes from the depths of our souls, upward to our mouth, and boldly from our lips. It is giving all of us to God and thanking Him for what he has done. These verses will clarify praise: Psalm 150:1-6, and Psalm 30:11. Psalm 100:1-5 says it best with: “A Psalm for giving thanks. Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”
2. Dancing is o.k. and so is movement. It goes hand in hand with a move of the spirit. It allows you to praise God with all of your heart. We don’t have to stand perfectly still and politely sing praises. It’s difficult to stand still and praise God with your soul! We need to get on our knees or lift our hands up to Heaven. We need to surrender to Jesus. Scriptures: Psalm 150:4, 1 Chronicles 13:8, and Psalm 149:3
3. Feel the movement or presence of God. Don’t be afraid or quash it with fear, doubt or unbelief. Let it wash over you, and cleanse you. Don’t get rowdy or silly, but just soak it in. When we praise God with all of our being, when we rejoice in His presence, when we sing to usher in His presence, we set the stage to receive a word from God. We set the stage for a seed to be deposited not only into ourselves, but in others. We create an atmosphere for miracles to take place and the anointing to flow for the glory of God.

In this time, hearts and lives are transformed. We become alive and passionate for Christ when we realize that we can do nothing without Him, and we serve a mighty God. It becomes less about us and what we can do, and more about God and what He can do. Joy and passion are not about us, but come as a result of serving the Lord with excellence and gladness. Favor in our lives is a residual of selflessly serving the Lord. His overflowing blessing is what allows us to bless others which in turn makes us feel fulfilled and happy inside.

The world does not understand this type of joy, but they yearn for it. They search in all of the wrong places and come up empty chasing this innate desire. Since they cannot comprehend this type of happiness, they mock it and present is as “unfun”. After all, how can it be fun serving others in a world that preaches that everything is about the individual and doing whatever it takes to feel good. Yet if you ask those that adhere to the “feel good” principle as to whether they are truly satisfied at their core, most would respond with no as they want more out of life. It’s always more, and it’s never enough.

So how does passion set the stage for revival and why is revival important?

When you love God and are passionate about Him, you are unable to contain your joy. If you somehow manage to, most people will notice something different about you in one way or another. They will be drawn to you and not know why. They will want what you have, and most will be willing to hear what you have to say. Excitement and passion breed the same. They are contagious, and are also what can create a “mob mentality”, except in this case, it is a good thing. We want people to follow us because our road leads to Christ, everlasting life, and victory.

Revival begins when we let our passion loose and start living for Christ. It is an all consuming fire, and much like fire, it begins with one spark and spreads. The question is whether or not you are willing to be that “one spark” that ignites a blaze across your nation. Are you willing to shed the polite, contained Christian and shed your inhibitions if it means that you will experience God on a whole new, exciting level? Imagine in your heart doing what Jesus did, and knowing that you were commanded to do the same. You can experience God as never before and have the supernatural manifest in your life. You can transform the lives of others because the good news of the gospel is too good to contain. Your life will be transformed from mundane to super-charged in the Lord.

Are you ready? A revival is coming. Will you be the spark that ignites it all, one that catches the fire, or the fire extinguisher? Where is your passion?

Get ready for change.

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