Many Wonder, As They Should, Whether This Upcoming Drama-Documentary Will Be Accurate Or Deceptive.

While Christians rejoice at movies/television series depicting biblical characters and situations, they are becoming increasingly hesitant and sceptical at new releases. “Why?” you ask. It’s because so many movies that could have been so impactful twisted the truth for the purpose of sensationalism.

Sensationalism sells tickets. Well, explain that to God when you go home to Heaven. He may not be as understanding as you think.

Jesus: His Life, THANKFULLY, is not one of those sensationalized dramas. True to our interview with Robert Cargill, this drama-documentary stays true to the original scripture… but it does it better than anything we’ve seen before!

The first episode opens with Mary and Joseph who are engaged to be married. Joseph is building a house, and dreaming of a future with his beloved when he suddenly discovers that she is with child.

All sorts of thoughts race through his head as to how to deal with the situation, and we hear each one until an angel comes to her rescue!

We also hear the thoughts of Mary as she hears the news that she is to carry the Messiah. We encounter what the journey to Bethlehem would have been like for her, and taken down a very realistic road to what she would have endured.

Jesus: His Life- The “One Better”

We’ve seen re-enactments before, and this one is done exceedingly well. However, in Jesus: His Life, they take it a step further wherein the viewers gains a complete understanding of that time period, the culture, and a complete extrapolation of scripture.

Interwoven into the story are little “selah’s” wherein experts add to the story. They provide backgrounds into the culture and society of the times- what was acceptable and not acceptable. They tell the story from what Jospeh and Mary would have more than likely experienced at the time making viewers appreciate the story even further as they gain even deeper insight into Jesus’ life.

Pros: Jesus: His Life is so well done. There is no question that this television series has gone into great depths to give a whole picture of the life of Christ. The fact that they do this objectively through the eyes of those who knew Him best is pure genius!

I think that by adding to the story with archeological evidence, supportive findings, and experts in every area gives viewers not only a complete understanding and appreciation of the scripture, but will probably refute arguments of those that are unbelievers drawing them to Christ.

Watching it, you can’t deny the miraculous birth of our Savior, but it becomes more than just a story. Jesus: His Life makes it real.

Joseph and Mary are more than just characters- they are portrayed as real life, relatable people. And that is what makes this series so special, and what will, in the end, make it impact many.

Cons: I have studied the history of Jesus’ time, and the culture. While I’m not an expert, I couldn’t find anything that was contradictory. Nothing was embellished, sensationalized, or added to at all. Jesus: His Life presented the scripture in all truth- the exact way it was meant to be portrayed.

I really enjoyed it, and would highly recommend each family watch it together. It will be a great discussion between parent and child, and you will learn so much.

Everyone will gain a deeper understanding overall to the life of Jesus.

Jesus: His Life is set to air March 25 on Check your local listing for available times.

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