We know that Jesus Christ died on the cross in order that both prophesy would be fulfilled, and because God had preordained it.  However, there are those who wonder if God’s purpose to reconcile His children to Him could have been accomplished without the death and resurrection of Jesus.  What would have happened to all the gifts that He bestowed upon us?

What Is The Significance?

supernaturalThe significance of Christ’s death and resurrection is far more than just eternal salvation.  Salvation is just a base bi-product of what Jesus’ death meant.  However, many churches today (not all) have forgotten to teach about what Jesus accomplished by dying on the cross.  I ought to know, because I was one of them.

Many of the things that Jesus imparted to His children have been distorted to be evil.  Now, Satan does pervert the giftings that God has placed within us, but the greatest disservice is when believers are told that they are “pretending”, or what they are experiencing is not real.  For example, many people have dreams that end up manifesting in their lives.  Some would say that we are unable to predict the future, and tell the person that it was merely coincidence.  Others would say that it is demonic out of fear.  Yet others would label you a medium, fortune teller, or that you have some form of premonition.

All of these either cause a suppression of the gifts that God has given us, or they can cause someone to skirt with the demonic.  Worse yet, in an attempt to understand, many end up researching these things and end up with a worldly interpretation causing them to enter into the demonic realm.  This just ends up causing confusion on so many levels.

Could It Have Been?

We are very fortunate that Jesus uttered the words, “May your will not mine be done.” indicating His total obedience to the Father.  You would expect no less, however, from His Son who was without sin.  Jesus was submitted to the Father in every way.  Yet, there are those who wonder what would have happened without Jesus’ death.

Could our reconciliation with God happened any other way?  The likelihood of that happening is slim to none.  Jesus wouldn’t have refused because He was completely obedient.  For Him to say no to God’s request would have made Him disobedient- which Jesus was not.  Secondly, if by some miracle, Jesus had refused, I’m sure God would have found another way to reconcile us to Him for His purpose.

Sharon Sugumaran discusses the importance of Christ’s resurrection– the complete importance- in our upcoming issue.  If you’ve ever wondered why certain things happen supernaturally and whether they are demonic or of God, you need to read this article.  It will clarify so many things, and point you in a biblical direction.  Sharon will also discuss why Jesus had to die on the cross, and why it couldn’t have happened any other way.

Our next issue comes out March 26, 2018!  Don’t miss it!

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