United States- Josh Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting resigned from the Family Research Council after molestation charges were publicly revealed.

A police report obtained by TMZ uncovered allegations of molestation beginning in 2002.  The accusations are of molesting five girls (inappropriate touching) which include some of his sisters.

In a Facebook post by Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar, they state that that it was a dark time in their lives when Josh (who was 14 at the time) came forward and confessed what he had done.  They had taken the proper steps and contacted authorities, and Josh was put into a treatment center.  The victims were also urged to seek counseling as well.

The TMZ report claims that police were not initially contacted when the incident occurred, but became involved in 2006 when Harpo was forced to contact them due to an anonymous email sent to them before a show revealing the incident.  Josh could not be charged due to the statute of limitations.

The incident may have gone unnoticed, however was uncovered when it was discovered that one of the alleged victims filed for all documents regarding the incident to be destroyed as she did not want her name exposed if it ever went public.

Since the allegations have been exposed, public opinion has been either sympathetic and forgiving, or condemning and judgmental.  Many are crying out to TLC to cancel the show. Both sentiments have a point, but are forgetting one thing:

Our Two Cents:

The incident occurred when Josh was a minor, and since then, no allegations have surfaced which indicates that the issue has been effectively resolved.  Josh was open about it with Anna and her parents before they were even engaged.  He refers to it as a mistake in his past, and that’s exactly where it should stay since a pattern to prove otherwise cannot be established.

Josh showed character in confessing to his parents what he did (even though it was wrong), and his parents sought to correct the situation.  The parents claim that they took him to the authorities to confess (despite reports that indicate a delay) and placed him in treatment.  They acted as responsible parents despite shocking actions, and sought correction for their child.

Josh, in turn, is remorseful and recognized that his actions could have taken him down the wrong path had he chosen not to act responsibly.

The Duggar family were proactive in their response, and acted responsibly even though it could have just as easily be swept under the rug.

Some public outrage is a normal response and is justified as parents feel a sense of disappointment towards a family that has high regard in the Christian community.  However, the incident is not necessarily reflective on parenting style as much as a wrong decision make by the individual.  Also, if God can forgive Josh, so should we, as Christians.  It appears as if it was a lesson learned, and even though his actions are wrong, you can’t erase the past.  All you can do is learn from it, confess it to God, make a change, and move on.  Having the show cancelled does not benefit anyone but Satan as the Duggar family are role-models to many.

Just as they are role models for Christ in the positive things they do and for their lifestyle, they should equally be commended for being responsible parents in times of trial- not persecuted.

To those who are judging the family, scripture warns us to “judge not, lest ye be judged” and by the same measure that you judge others.

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