July 2022 Issue

At some point in our marriage, each of us has faced financial difficulties to varying degrees. We may hear others complain of their financial woes which don’t seem quite so bad to us like a friend saying they can’t go on vacation this year. Then, there are the valleys that can cause us a great deal of strain not only on our bank accounts but subsequently on our marriage as well.

This issue centers around prosperity, budgeting, what it means to be blessed, and how to navigate through financial pressures within marriage. All topics are due on June 28, 2022 and must be 2,000-3,000 words in length. Please email to Michelle Danko (mcdanko@eyeworship.org) to confirm.

  1. Why does financial strain put such pressure on a marriage? Discuss how women are wired, and what pressure it places on them. Also, incorporate how men are wired and discuss their role as providers. Where do the two worlds collide? (Taken)
  2. How can couples prepare themselves in the event of a job loss or disability? How do you do this when you are barely making ends meet? Provide tips and tricks to generating a nest egg in the midst of skyrocketing inflation. (Taken)
  3. How will a wife view a husband who doesn’t resume his role as a provider? Discuss how she may treat him and why. Why is it important that men retain this role (as chauvinistic as it may sound).
  4. Discuss how a lazy attitude (slothfulness) affects our finances. Why does scripture warn us against this? Also, incorporate what it says about idle hands and slothfulness. You may need to define the term as well.
  5. How can couples effectively budget their money together? Where should finances be allocated? Discuss how they can work together to bring harmony to this task.
  6. Why do couples argue about money? How do you address a spouse who overspends? Contrast it to a person who perhaps is too frugal as well.
  7. List Christian financial software like Mint, David Ramsey, etc to help Christians manage money. Outline the pros and cons of each. Make a final recommendation.
  8. What are the best methods for getting out of debt? Discuss why they are so effective. (Taken)
  9. How can you maintain your faith when it seems like your prayers for provision are going unanswered? Why is this not being granted when scripture says God provides for all of our needs? Discuss the differences between needs and wants. Also, incorporate how to get through it with perseverance. Taken
  10. What does it mean to walk in God’s blessing? Discuss what encompasses it. Is it different from being blessed? Also, discuss how we are to be good stewards of the money we receive. What marks a good steward from a bad one? How can things be turned around? (Taken)
  11. What causes people to overspend? Discuss how it may be covering a deep-seated issue or how it can be an addiction. How can this be overcome?
  12. How can people be prosperous? What does this mean according to scripture? Present it as if you were speaking to someone who believes that Christians should live in more of a poverty-like state. (Taken)
  13. How do you discuss money matters with your spouse? Discuss how to broach the subject in a calm matter and why this often becomes a heated debate. How can you prevent this?
  14. What are good Christian investments? How can we, as Christians, grow our money? Discuss both low and high-risk situations. (Taken)
  15. Why does scripture tell us not to turn a blind eye to those in poverty? How can we bless them? (Taken)
  16. What do you do when God tells you to give more than you are comfortable with? Discuss what goes on in your head when you secretly wonder how you will make bills, but know that God is asking for your obedience. Why should we not be afraid?
  17. Discuss different methods of budgeting. Include online apps, money envelopes, etc. List the pros and cons of each. (Taken)
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