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Debt weighs you down and prevents families from living their lives with the joy that God had intended. Moreover, God didn’t design you to be plagued by debt. In fact, He created you to be a blessing to others in need so that others would know His goodness. The blessing was designed to draw others to Christ. So, why are we plagued with lack?

Is It harder to Save?


We witnessed our parents live relatively debt free. So, why can’t we? The truth is we live in an instant generation plagued by a buy now pay later mentality. The problem is that we often pay two to three times more for yesterday’s purchases today.

Is DEBT really worth it?

When debt becomes a stranglehold, no, it is not worth it. Debt robs you of your joy, and you become ineffectual to those in need. This is far from God’s design.

If you are looking to get out of debt or feel like you are drowning, the good news is that God has a plan. Repent and ask Him to teach you how to be a better steward of your finances. If you are already disciplined and still struggle with debt, we also have solutions that may help you in your journey.

All the answers you seek and more helpful advice on prosperity/blessings/Christian investments can be found in our July 2022 issue.

Choose to walk in the blessing that God has over your life now.