Alex and Stephen Kendrick Bring you Overcomer which asks the question: Who Do YOu receive Your identity From?

The creators of hit movies such as Fireproof, Courageous, Facing the Giants and War Room bring you yet another sure to be hit movie in Overcomer.

For coach John Harrison, life changes in an instant when a plant shut-down squashes his dreams of a high school basketball team state championship. Coach John Harrison remains somewhat optimistic at first when only a few of his star players are forced to leave the school. However, hope turns to frustration with the realization that there aren’t enough players for a team as more and more families are forced to move away.

The principle urges John to fill-in with the cross-country team, which John doesn’t even know nor like. It is at this point that he questions his own self-worth… for a time.

Faith Filled Family was privileged to interview both Alex and Stephen Kendrick and discuss the movie with them. Overcomer was something that they were very passionate about, and the movie itself doesn’t just have one main message… but two!

Overcomer is a movie about more than identity, as the Kendrick brothers explain- although that is the message at the core. It is about having a relationship with God, love, and acceptance on a variety of age levels.

Kendrick Brothers interviewed for August Edition

The Kendrick brothers speak passionately about the subject of where we most commonly place our identity and what happens when it is misplaced. They also discuss what happens when we place it in our Creator- where it should be- and the difference in coping styles when we surrender to Him.

“By the end of the film, we have established that when it comes to your value, your identity, and your importance, it should come from the one who created you,” Stephen says powerfully.  “He loves us, He best defines who we are, and that should be more important than our accomplishments, our jobs, and our status.”

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Please stay tuned not only for our interview in our August edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine, but in the upcoming review of the movie as well!

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