Yesterday, Christian Hollywood actor, Kirk Cameron, took a stand against a Louisiana school district that is trying to abolish prayer in the city’s public schools.
Kirk Cameron joined efforts with United States Representative, Mike Johnson (R-LA), in an effort to encourage students and parents to attend the “Freedom Student Summit” which was scheduled to take place yesterday.  Cameron commented on a Facebook post Johnson made declaring the summit as an effort to “educate, equip and inspire students to know their rights and live out their faith.”
The summit was in response to a lawsuit involving seven families against Bossier School District in Louisiana.  According to, Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed the lawsuit in an effort to cease all religious activities occurring in the school.  The dispute revolved around student led prayers, “Bring Your Bible to School” day, Christian extracurricular activities, prayer before meals, and before athletic events.

Subsequently, the school board said that they are in the midst of changing policies, and training all administrators, teachers and coaches on how students may or may not express their religious convictions at school.

Two rallies ended up taking place yesterday.  One was at the First Baptist Church in Minden, which is the home-church for Congressman Johnson, and the Bossier Parish Community College gymnasium.  The rallies are deemed a “call to prayer” over the situation.
The website comments that religious liberty is real and valuable for each person.  It urges people to stand with students “and their rights to live out their faith no matter the school, no matter the city.”
The Freedom Student Summit movement is gaining momentum with social media by students drawing a blue line on their handwriting: “We draw a line.  We Take a stand” accompanied with the hashtag #standupbossier.
“Unfortunately, the right to religious expression has been challenged more and more and even misunderstood to the point where people believe our public schools are supposed to be some kind of religion-free zones,” Kirk Cameron said. “And…we’re going to set the record straight.”

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