Coffee Shop
Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko

Exclusive Premiere: Sunday, September 14 at 7 P.M. EDT/6 P.M. PDT on

Starring: Laura Vandervoort, Cory M. Grant, Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, and Jon Lovitz
Director/Producer: Dave Alan Johnson
Executive Producers: Jon and Andrew Erwin
Executive Producer: Bruce D. Johnson
Genre: Romantic Drama
Our Rating: PG

Donavan feels like she has dating all finally figured out… or will love take an unexpected turn?

Donavan Turner (Laura Vandervoort) owns Donavan’s Coffee Shop, a unique, warm, cozy place where friends can meet and talk to each other over a cup of steaming coffee. Donavan opened it after spending a year in Africa educating herself on coffee and coffee beans. Forever dedicated to the small village that she lived in, she continues to give back to them every year. Donavan opened her store at nineteen and became successful… up until now.
The person who owned the bank that loaned her money for her store, and worked with her for so many years sold it to another partnership. After the sale, Donavan receives a letter in the mail informing her that the coffee shop is in foreclosure.
As if Donavan’s life hasn’t had enough drama, her sister informs her that her ex-boyfriend is returning and wants to speak with her. Donavan’s sister feels that her ex-boyfriend, Patrick is returning because he loves her and wants her back. Donavan is a little confused. Patrick left several years ago after taking a job offer that caused him to move. He asked Donavan if she wanted to come with him, but she refused. Since then, Donavan had been wondering secretly what might have been, and if she had made a mistake. Maybe it’s a second chance?
Yet more drama unfolds…
Donavan meets Ben Carson, whom at first she hates after she sees him talking to Frank, the man who is foreclosing on the coffee shop, and she assumes that he is the other partner. In reality, he is a friend of Donavan’s sister’s boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin thought that Donavan and Ben would be perfect together, and invited him to visit from New York. Ben is a writer who is looking at writing a hit playwright after a series of flops. All he needs is inspiration.
After all the confusion is cleared up, Ben starts to have feelings for Donavan, but unfortunately, Patrick shows up. As a surprise for Donavan, Patrick develops an idea for saving the coffee house and puts it into motion with Frank. Patrick has the best of intentions, but will his “surprise” be enough to win Donavan’s heart?
While Patrick is making a “deal” with Frank, Donavan is waiting for him to show up for dinner. Patrick phones and delays their date for an hour and Ben shows up. In an effort to fill time, they go for gelato, and get to know each other better. They end up enjoying each other’s company.
Patrick shows up an hour later for dinner, and the two go their separate ways.
The next morning, Patrick reveals his surprise for Donavan: a buyer for the coffee shop! Donavan would be paid handsomely for the property, and in turn the investor was looking to turn it into a parking garage.
What will Donavan do? She loves the store, but foreclosure seems impending. She also hates the idea of selling the shop only to have it turn into a parking garage. Did Patrick operate in her best interest? More importantly, what are Donavan’s feelings for Patrick? Have they changed over the years of separation, or is Donavan ready for a change? What about Ben who she has grown close to, and can easily confide in? Donavan thought that she had everything figured out, and planned. Now she must learn to trust that God has something good for her in the midst of a series of unfortunate events. Donavan must also learn that God works in mysterious ways, but always for our good. What will Donavan’s “good” look like?

Coffee Shop was a very engaging movie right from the beginning. Laura Vandervoort is perfectly cast in the role of Donavan, and really brings the character to life. Laura plays the cool, hip, smart, successful woman very well, and adds a hint of independence to the character. Viewers instantly fall in love with her character, and some of the quirky mishaps that she falls into.
The movie begins with scenes of hilarity. Single women especially will be able to identify with Donavan. As the movie unfolds, and the viewer is drawn in, it becomes more serious, engulfing the audience is a series of dramatic events.
Audiences will be captivated to the very end of this romantic story. It has all of the elements of a love story, but is not entirely predictable. There are places that leave the audience hanging as to what Donavan will decide, and the plot contains many twists and turns right to the end.
I would rate this a ten out of ten. Audiences will love this from beginning to end. It is a very clean, romantic drama.

Things to watch out for:

Drinking in the beginning.

Donavan does not ask God for direction on dating, or for guidance. Things just kind of “happen”.

Many thanks to Chelsye Burrows and Up T.V. for allowing us the privilege of viewing this movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!