Millions of courses, books, and resources have been written on the topic of leadership… but do they teach you to lead like Jesus?

It’s a tall order, if you really think about it.  Many of us can lead and organize a team, but how many of us can do it void of conflict or stress?  It is inevitable in a team that you will not always agree when collaborating, and there is always seemingly that one person that just grates on you- for whatever reason.  They may be the disagreeable one, cantankerous, moody, “out in left field”, unmotivated, unreliable, gossipy person on your team.  You would rather not engage with them, but it is unavoidable.  So how can you lead well and not violate scripture?  Is it possible?

So maybe you don’t lead in a corporate setting.  We all lead in some capacity, and they all have great importance.  We may be a stay at home parent leading and teaching our children godly characteristics.  How can we be gentle when we have some days wherein we want to scream?  You may have a position wherein you lead people in church whether it is on a team, or teaching.  How do you lead like Jesus did?

We all lead in some capacity whether it is at work, in our homes, at church, or by our example to others.  We are called to be a light to the world- an example of Christ and how He led.  Yet what would our actions say about the way Christ led?  Would others want to follow you?  Do YOU lead like Christ led?

Jesus epitomized selfless love, and servant leadership.  He was the Son of God, and yet no arrogance resided in Him.  In fact, He saw the best (potential) in people.  He saw them as they could be, and even gave worth to the lowliest of individuals.  His love was unconditional, and He urged us to do the same.  He had a true servant’s heart, and humbled himself before man.

How do you measure up?  Is there room for improvement?  Our February issue will teach you how to lead like Jesus did in all areas, and how to do it with excellence.  We will teach you how to train up your children in a gentle manner, what leading well in the home looks like, how to be an example in the workplace- even if your work is far from godly, how to go to a next level, and what to do if you are passed up for promotion.  All this and more in our next issue!

February 2018 is released on January 26, 2018 on our website, through social media, and via our FREE subscription!

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