Common Misconceptions Satan Doesn’t Want Exposed

New Year equals New You

Are you a Christian who feels like you are just spinning your wheels trying to gain traction?  Are you being plagued by temptation and just need a break?  Maybe you feel disconnected from God and are wondering why.

Our January issue covers topics that Satan tells believers to get them away from God.  Why?  If you knew the reality of God’s plan and purpose for your life, and what your life could be like, Satan’s kingdom would be destroyed.

Satan’s lies are not for your good, but for your destruction and he must be stopped!

Gain traction by learning how to overcome temptation, the cost of habitual sin, what living a life of victory looks like, how to twart Satan’s schemes and walk in God’s plans and many more!

Learn how to live the life that you were CREATED for!

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