It’s not enough to complain about injustice. We need a complete godly renewal

Millions of people around the globe witnessed the treatment of George Floyd by police. The incident rocked our world. It sparked outrage, protests, and rallies on an international scale. We heard cries of, “black lives matter” heard in the street… and they do! Every life matters, in the hands of our Lord. And the Lord does not discriminate, nor does He show favoritism.

Many people watched as people that promised to serve and protect our community didn’t protect this one man. Whether he was guilty or not of a crime was irrelevant. A life should not have been taken- especially one that was seen gasping and pleading for air.

With previous generations protesting for equality, you would expect that there would be a balance. Yet, racial tensions still run high. For some, racial profiling does exist, which strips people of being a unique individual. It places them in a “people group” that does not define who you are as a person. It just perpetuates a stereotype.

To say that corruption and brutality is a thing of the past isn’t true… for some. There are sadly those that abuse power. But this is not indicative of everyone. It does, however, indicate that there is a problem awaiting a solution.

Not a New scenario in life

These issues are nothing new. They have been going on for centuries in different forms depending on where you live. Jesus and the apostles lived in a similar era. They were persecuted for spreading the gospel… by people who knew the gospel, and who stated emphatically that they had a relationship with Christ.

Yet they crucified Him all the same. They persecuted Him all the same.

Going forward, we need to examine how this came to be in the first place. What will be the catalyst that initiates enduring change? Furthermore, what should our attitudes be toward our fellow man/woman?

This issue attacks the areas of corruption, racism, prejudice, and the bystander syndrome that exists. We ask how people should behave, what we should do, and how we can be the change.

Our August Issue comes out on July 27, 2020.

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