Lions Roar 2016 Promotes Strong Families and Addresses Common Issues

Father absent homes attribute to much of the challenges that children experience such as poverty, drug addiction, hunger, lack of education and suicide.
The Christian Men’s Network (CMN) Lions Roar Global Men’s Summit, which is slated for November 9-11, 2016, will showcase a dynamic lineup of world leaders.  The leaders are there to strategize and advance the mission to reduce a global epidemic of fatherlessness, sexual addiction, child abuse, and how to build strong men, families and churches.
Dr Paul Cole, CMN co-founder and president says, “CMN is more than a ministry, we are a human justice mission strategically focused to defeat fatherlessness, stop child abuse, and set men free who are trapped in sexual dysfunction.  We are fully committed to the imperative that every child deserves a loving dad.”

Who Are They?

CMN was co-founded in 1977 by Maximized Manhood author Edwin Louis Cole.  It’s media, books and curriculum are used throughout the world as discipleship resources.  Their materials are said to be incredibly effective in all cultures and communities.
All Christian men are invited to attend Lions Roar on November 9-11, 2016 at Gateway Church in Grand Prairie, Texas.
“The reason for gathering these influential leaders is to express practical answers to the issues that face our world. Leaders are coming from the rugged streets of West Baltimore, the rough and tumble favelas of Rio, the tumultuous Philippines, and more.” states Cole. “Over 50 nations will be represented. We are captured by the mission, to bring life into a dying world, proclaim freedom to the oppressed and downtrodden-to give others hope.”


Featured speakers include: Casey Treat, Peter Lowe, Alex Mitala, Dale O’Shields, Dennis Peacocke, Nick Caine, and more.  They will join the core team of Michael Murphy (Australia), Robert Barriger (Peru), Dale Bronner (Atlanta), Doug Stringer (Somebody Cares, Houston), Dwayne Pickett (Jackson), Jim Garlow (San Diego), and Leon Fontaine (Winnipeg).
The call for Christ-like manhood has never been stronger, and the need for men to stand for their families has never been greater.  Lions Roar 2016 focuses on helping Christian leaders advance and expand with strategies that include mentoring, youth camps, social media, building strong families and social communities.
“The Mission is alive. The Mission is unstoppable. The Mission is Jesus Christ,” Cole states. “It is important for men to remember the words of Jesus, that, ‘You didn’t choose the mission, the mission chose you!'” explains Cole.
This year’s theme is “Mission”.  Meetings will be held at Gateway Church, Grand Prairie, Texas on Wednesday November 9 to Friday, November 11.  For further information, please phone 817-437-4888 or visit  Group Registration is also available.

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Lions Roar 2016 Promotes Strong Families and Addresses Common Issues

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