Live Ultrasounds Of Third-Trimester Babies Will Be Broadcast In A Bold Move By Focus On The Family!

Focus on the Family President, Jim Daly, is gearing up to show live ultrasounds on monitors and screens across Times Square in response to the New York decision to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth.

Daly announced his decision on Tuesday’s CBN News’ “Faith Nation”, and claimed the event is to take place on May 4.

“We’ll have great speakers. We’re going to have music, but we’re also going to do a live ultrasound of a third-trimester baby,” Focus on the Family President Jim Daly explained. 

“And with the 4-D technology that we have, it looks like a picture of a 1-year-old,” he noted. “There is no way a person is going to be able to say, ‘That is not a child.’ It is a child and we want everybody to see it.”

Why Now?

Daly says that their decision to do a live broadcast in Times Square was prompted by the new abortion laws in New York and Virginia wherein Daly feels the politicians have overreached when it comes to the abortion debate.

Daly additionally commented about Governor Ralph Northam’s announcement last month  claiming that some babies should be allowed to die right after they are born.

Outraged, Daly says Virginia leaders are effectively promoting infanticide. 

“Once a baby is born, if it’s not viable outside the womb or if it’s severely handicapped, they’re going to let the baby sit on a table and then the mother and physician decide whether or not to let that baby live – that’s not the country we live in.  And that’s not the law of the land, actually,” the Focus on the Family president exclaimed.

Daly went on to explain that the decision to broadcast in Times Square was very strategic. He sees the location as the epicentre of everything.

“I doubt that they have actually seen one,” he stated. “And so to be able to do that on the jumbo screen and say, ‘Here’s a picture of a third-trimester pregnancy. Look at the definition. These children are viable outside the womb. These children are already fully human,’ and to do it in such a way that we can all peer into the womb and see what that child looks like, developmentally and every other way – what an awesome sight to see and these politicians will have to defend their position.”

Daly contrasts the change in the abortion laws to ancient Rome wherein many rulers committed infanticide to serve one purpose of another, and most of the infanticides of that day and age revolved around fear. Daly commented that Christians should be vocal about such atrocities.

“So this isn’t anything new, but it was the Christians that stood up and said ‘No. Everyone human is made in God’s image and we can’t destroy innocent human beings,'” Daly said. 

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  1. claire o'sullivan on March 20, 2019 at 1:48 am

    I believe this issue is a lynchpin for both the left and the right. Keeping the infanticide issue front and center has shocked and will continue to shock people around the nation. It should. I posted the congressional hearing on what an abortion doctor went through, onto my FB page, and some pro-choicers were angry because it was graphic and nauseating. I said it should be. It should sicken us, and it only proves this, that ‘they’ knew and continued to do evil. I am hoping this is spread across the world as evil. The left may vote for infanticide but those shocked, I pray will look in their hearts and see that this is so evil. Thank Focus on the Family for doing this!

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