John Russel Houser, age 59, opened fire during a showing of ” Train Wreck” at approximately 20 minutes into the film. The tragic event took place Thursday evening in Lafayette, Louisiana killing two and injuring nine others.

The gunman shot himself after trying to escape and after trying to hide in the crowd. According to reports, the gunman was found dead inside the theater. Witnesses say they heard a single gunshot.

Investigators searched the motel that Houser was residing in. They found many items that could be used as a disguise. Some items that were discovered included wigs and glasses.

A Georgia woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, knew Houser and stated he “had lots of problems” and came from a “good family that used to attend church”.

According to court documents, Houser had a history of mental illness

Houser was divorced and a protective order was granted on behalf of his ex wife.  He was also denied a pistol permit back in 2006.

On Houser’s LinkedIn account, one of his skills was listed “God’s Business.”

The identified victims are Macy Breaux 21, also Jillian Johnson 33, and the other victim is reported to be in critical condition.

Deuteronomy 20:4 – For the LORD your God [is] he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.

Our Two Cents :

Last Thursday, James Holmes received the death penalty opening fire in a Colorado theater.

I head someone state, in an attempt to rationalize the recent bloodshed that “Well, maybe it was because they idolized James Holmes.”

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Satan lets us know he is hanging around.

In trying to process all of this as I write, I ponder at what would bring someone to commit and plan something of this nature?

The lady from Georgia stated Houser used to be in church. That is where we all need to be. I am sure if Houser had of still been in church and been a child of God. We would not be reading this today.

Our Prayers::

Lord, we pray over John Houser as he is a child of God.  We pray that his mind is cleared of all deceit that the enemy is trying to confuse him with, and we pray that you would grant him clarity.  If he is far from you, God, we pray that he comes back- that you put a person across His path that can bring him back to you and for him to grow stronger in his relationship with you.

Lord, be with his family in this trying time.  Give them peace and strength in dealing with their emotions and the upcoming trial.

God be with the families whose members were either killed or injured.  We pray for a speedy and full recovery for those that are injured, and peace over the families who lost their loved ones.  If any are unbelievers, we pray that they feel your peace over their lives, and that you strengthen them during this time.  We pray that they have a God encounter and that You become known in their lives.

In Jesus name,


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