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It was God’s design that couples be one with each other. However, in today’s society, that isn’t always easy as there are many things that compete for our attention. This can leave the deep connectivity that most married couples to feel for each other somewhat… disconnected. Worse yet, many of us aren’t aware of what marital oneness really looks like.

God created couples to enjoy marriage by placing Him at the centre of it. The beauty of marriage is that a husband and wife are uniquely designed. They were designed and brought together to compliment each other. However, often it is our differences that tear us apart because we haven’t learned how to work together as one like God designed.

Couples need to work together with a singleness of purpose to establish a godly home for His glory. Marriages are meant to endure because God does not want anything or anyone to come between what was beautifully, and intricately joined together.

When couples live within and operate in the context of God’s design, each will live life fully. You will also maximize God’s grace over each of your lives. When we work together in unison, there is less strife and couples see each other positively.

This free love conference helps couples reconnect. It will teach each person the power of forgiveness and enable you to reconcile differences enabling you to build greater intimacy. A new passion will develop between you and your spouse enabling you to maintain your unity of purpose. It will rekindle the oneness that God had purpled when He joined the two of you in matrimony.

Moreover, we will provide strategies on how to create a culture of oneness in your marriage.

Couples Conference Details


The World View Church will be holding Rekindling and Maintaining the Culture of Oneness in Your Marriage on July 16, 2022 between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm CST.

Please register for this free conferencing using the following link.

There is some discussion about streaming it on livestream and social media. So, if you are not from the area, but would still like to participate, follow The World View Church on Facebook and across social media for further information.