With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, our thoughts turn towards love, relationships, and marriage. For many of us, our thoughts turn towards that special someone, and our minds create images of what that perfect evening will be. Yet, if you are single and searching, Valentine’s Day may not be the happiest Hallmark holiday.

Holding back on happiness?

Putting off marriage is not an uncommon phenomenon, and there are many good reasons to wait. However, if you are looking for the perfect situation, you may be waiting for a long time!

Surveys have shown a growing trend of individuals waiting to get married- not because they want to establish a career, or aren’t ready to settle down. Decades ago, this was the reality. Yet, things have changed. Many people are now putting off getting into relationships because they can’t afford to get married.

And it’s not as simple as just affording a wedding. It is not that simple. Many young adults recognized the need for a good education. The rationale is that if they work hard, get good grades, they will get a good-paying job. Nothing wrong with that! However, in order to do so, they went into debt with student loans figuring that they will pay them later.

Unfortunately, when COVID hit, many people were laid off. Additionally, the reality for some was that they had to work multiple jobs just to survive. This left little room for dating, not to mention little money left over for dates. They simply feel that they can’t afford a house, a family, or any of the simple things that most of us dream about. It feels like it is out of reach.

Then there are the lies!

For those who are in a relationship, living together seems like a logical solution. “Let’s see if it works,” is the rationale. And if it doesn’t, well, good to know.

Yet, the thinking is flawed, and we tell you why.

Then there are relationship blunders, that fall under the same category. Is love at first sight possible? Have you really found that someone that you will spend the rest of your life with? Then there is the concern that this isn’t the one. How do you know?

Our February issue will challenge everything that you ever thought you knew about love. This issue isn’t about maintaining relationships, but about creating happy, healthy ones. Too many relationships can be toxic, and you never know until you have one of those, “ah-ha” moments. Too many relationships don’t go any deeper than the superficial. The couple losses out of not only a deeper, more intimate connection, but end up feeling incompatible. Divorce ensues, and we are left wondering why.

The Ultimate Love…

We couldn’t have an issue about love without including God in it. Accessing God’s love, what God’s love is, and how to recognize it in your every day grace these pages. You will learn how to feel God in your every moment. His love will make you whole.

Whether you have fallen into relationship foibles, future commitment fear, or need desperately to feel God’s love, our pages will give you the victory you seek.

Interviews include: Joshua Broome on how God can turn any lifestyle around for HIs glory, Kevin Wayne Johnson discusses the importance of a servant’s heart and how to cultivate one, Jack Eason talks about loneliness and the value of real relationships, and finally, Basketball player, Rodney Pryor, will inspire you on what is really important in life.

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