Mandisa: Get Up: The Remixes

Reviewer: Michelle C. Danko

Genre: Dance

Released: September 16, 2014

Production Company: Sparrow Records

Get Up: The Remixes is Mandisa’s first remixed CD, and contains all of her biggest hits. It was developed for listeners who desired to either exercise/dance to her music, or who just needed a little boost of godly energy to start their day.
This album does just that… creates an atmosphere of energy to start your day. Listening to it is better (and healthier!) than that first cup of coffee in the morning. It is wonderfully energetic, and will supercharge your day with praises to the Lord. Listeners will find themselves singing along to these well-known tracks, and dancing to the beat.

This is one of the best albums released by Mandisa to date.

Overcomer (Capitol Kings Remix): Discusses that no matter what you are going through, whatever trials you may be facing, that God created you to live in victory, and to triumph over every situation. It also states that no matter what you are going through, to just hold on, believe in God, and you will triumph in all circumstances-even those that seem insurmountable. This song is very heavily beat laden. I absolutely love the accuracy of the lyrics in scripture. It gives the listener a sense of hope, godly power, and the attitude of an overcomer about to live in victory.

Back to You (Neon Feather Remix): A little slower in the start than the driving beats of the first track. It is about turning back to the Lord even when we fail. It discusses the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, how He died for our sins, and the magnitude of God’s love for His children. He gave it all for us; we should as believers, as the song says, “give it all back to You.” He gave us His all, and so should we. This song really emphasizes Mandisa’s incredible vocal range, her powerhouse vocals, and her deep love for Jesus.

Joy Unspeakable (Atellagali Remix): Discusses letting go of all that is holding us down, casting aside all of our cares, and just opening up and praising the Lord. It is about unspeakable joy (happiness) that comes with a deep relationship with the Lord wherein our trust is in Him, and not getting caught up in our troubles. It is simply about the pure joy that arises when we are with Him, praising Him with our whole hearts.

Good Morning (Capitol Kings Remix): One of Mandisa’s more well-known and highly played songs featuring TobyMac. It is about waking up and saying “good morning” to God. God makes all days new, and gives us new strength every day. So no matter what yesterday held, when we arise, it is indeed a good morning full of possibilities. I love the ending wherein TobyMac exclaims “Man, you morning people!” It is a humorous touch.

What if We Were Real (NEVA Remix): Begins with a very surreal feel before going into going into a dance beat. This song is about being who we really are, not being “artificial”. It talks, quite candidly, about letting go of a “false face” that we project, and being open, not hiding, our brokenness from others so that we can lift each other up in Christ. If we are never real, how do we heal? Mandisa discusses that we keep hiding our emotions, but asks the questions about what life would look like if we were “real” with each other.

Stronger (Movin’ Remix): Discusses the strength that we can get from the Lord even when we feel as if we are being beaten down by the enemy. This song acts as an encouragement to those who feel like they have nothing left to give. As the lyrics so eloquently state, that when you have nothing left, to hang on to the Lord, and He will give you the strength that you need making you stronger so that you can overcome thereby increasing your faith.

My Deliverer (RawlsCo Latin Remix): Wonderful Latin feel to a dance track. A little unusual when compared to the other dance tracks on this album, but fits in nicely. It has a bit of a salsa feel to it. My Deliverer is about God releasing us from all of our bondages that hold us captive and being delivered.

Shackles (Switch Remix): Is about getting rid of the chains that bind us, ridding ourselves of daily pressures and stressors, and simply praising the Lord. “Shackles” refers to all of those things that burden our hearts, things that keep us down, and allowing God to “unlock” those chains so that we can praise him with all of our hearts. Nothing should prevent us from praising the Lord, and only He can unlock those things that bind us so that we can be free.

Waiting for Tomorrow (Silver Remix): Opens with a soft, almost 80’s like feel. Very melodic. Discusses how we put off change until tomorrow, and how we can’t waste our entire lives putting off things that need to be done today. It asks why we are waiting for tomorrow to make our lives better and to improve. If we choose to change, then life becomes so much better. If we could only see that despite what may be deemed as short term pain, the joy that comes at the end is worth the change to be more like God. We are only going to merge as victors. God’s word promises it. Mandisa makes the listener believe that action should be taken immediately, and inspires that desire to stop putting off a better tomorrow. Her belief really shines through.

Only the World (Switch Remix): Discusses that even though we may be frustrated to just shrug things off because “it’s only the world”. It contrast living in the world to Heaven. The conflicts that arise from living in the world are only temporarily compared to a world living in eternity. Don’t get wrapped up in what is temporary, but keep your eyes focused on the fact that the best is yet to come as our reward lays in Heaven.

Press On (CB Ultra Run Remix): Another song about strength. It is about hanging on through strife and pressing on. It brings the scripture about when you have done all, to just stand pressing into the Lord. This song discusses that we should not be consumed by our discouragements, but to more forward step by step “not looking back” to gain victory. It also mentions the importance of praising God even through our challenges.

If you listen to each of the lyrics in these songs, the message that Mandisa sings about is positive and uplifting. It seems fitting that she does a remix edition to some of her popular songs as the melody enhances an already praise worthy message. The lyrics will feed your soul, and the music will feed your emotions- sometimes without you even realizing this.
Mandisa already has an amazing voice and range. What is truly amazing is that her lyrics reflect a message of positivity. She goes to a place where she identified with what a person may be feeling, but she doesn’t leave them there. She gives them hope and lifts them up with her music. She sings straight from her soul, and sounds like she fully believes in the words she is singing. This creates an impactful message in a believer’s heart that may be going through some tough times. She takes a believer from a place of “yuck” to living as we were intended- a victor. I can’t say enough that I thoroughly enjoy this uplifting message. We really need it at times, and it is so accurate to God’s word.
I would rate this CD a perfect ten, and would recommend that you buy it not only for yourself, but also for someone else that may need some encouragement. The music on it is infectious. They won’t be down for long listening to this.
I feel that it deserves a perfect score based on the pure marketing genius of creating an uplifting, dance album to compliment a positive message. It is powerful and impactful. Well done!

Many thanks to The Media Collective team for allowing us to review this album.