March 2021 is entitled, “Gone God: How to build on God’s promises for a better tomorrow”. Scripture says that His people perish due to a lack of vision. The truth is, that it is because we fail to hold on to the vision that we are given, we become defeated. When we become defeated, we become negative about our lives.

This negativity permeates every area of our lives. We want to bring our readership back into God’s promises over their lives- that they don’t have to live a life beneath God’s best. They don’t have to settle in life. God can redeem lost time, lost opportunities, and bring us into the promises for our victory.

March 2021 goes through some basic promises of God. I would like there to be a heavy focus on the victory because there are people out there that really need hope right now. They need a life-line, and we may just be their only hope. Now, more than ever, we need people to turn to God as their source. We need to see a Jesus army rising up confident and strong. Now is our time in history.

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2021. Please contact our Features Editor, Michael LaBorn ( to confirm your selection.

March 2021 Issue- Gone God: Bringing God’s Promises Back into Reality

  1. How can we tell if we are far away from God?  What becomes affected in our lives when we aren’t close to Him? How does this happen?
  2. Discuss what it means when we say that God’s promises are yes and amen. What if they don’t manifest?  Discuss how something not manifesting can cause some to question their faith. What do you tell someone in this situation? (Taken)
  3. God promises prosperity. What is meant by this outside of and including financial prosperity?  What does each branch of prosperity entail?
  4. God promises victory over the enemy. Discuss how we are guaranteed victory over Satan. What does this mean and how is it activated in life?  What words to you say? (Taken)
  5. Why is it not enough to just vocalize scripture?  Discuss why the most powerful victories come from when we believe our confession. How do we get there?  What if we don’t fully have enough faith?  How do we get the Word past our head and into our heart? (Taken)
  6. Discuss God’s promise that He will not leave nor forsake you.  When many people are at this stage, they have either what they feel like is an unforgivable regret, or something bad has happened and they feel abandoned.  Address both of these issues.  Incorporate God’s grace, mercy and love. (Taken)
  7. God has a plan for your life.  Sometimes, when God gives a person a vision, they want to run with it.  Yet sometimes God refines our character in this process before we even walk in the dream that He has given us.  Discuss the process and why God takes us on this journey.  Also incorporate how not to become impatient in waiting for our destiny to manifest. (Taken)
  8. Discuss how God works everything for our good- even though it may be painful, or we may not understand at the time.  Discuss how even when things don’t turn out the way we had envisioned, that God hasn’t let us down, forgotten about us, or abandoned us.  How do we let go of the things we don’t understand and surrender to God? (Taken)
  9. What are the stumbling blocks that prevent us from walking in the victory that God has ordained for our lives?  Can we trip up on our own future?  How can you tell when you are battling yourself, your thoughts, or the enemy’s blockades?  What do you do in each situation?
  10. God says that His promises never fail.  Discuss why we somehow think that God won’t come through like He promised, and why this is a trust issue.  How do you overcome this?  Why do we create back-up plans?  How do we ultimately let God in and trust Him completely. (Taken)
  11. What is divine healing in the Bible?  Discuss how it is God’s intent that we walk in health.  Also incorporate ways that we circumvent God’s healing.  Will God heal us if we abuse our body?  Is there an extent where God will not heal us due to disobedience?  (Taken)
  12.  Does God heal every ailment?  Discuss how God heals major diseases and minor discomforts.  Incorporate that before we take any medicine- for headaches and such- that we pray first.  Why is this important?  Also discuss why even though we may feel that God healed us, why should we consult with a doctor before going off of medication.  Provide scriptures that we can stand on.
  13. Discuss how God promises to give us wisdom.  Why is wisdom (directly from God) important in our lives?  How can you tell if you are leaning on your own understanding, or whether your wisdom is from God?  What is the practical application for wisdom in our lives?  Why do many never ask God for this?
  14. God promises us peace over every situation.  How do you walk in peace when your anxiety is soaring?  How do we eliminate stress from our lives?  How can we be calm when inwardly we feel as if we should be anxious?  How do you not let anxiety come back into your life? (Taken)
  15. God promised us that He would help us overcome temptation.  Biblically, walk our audience through how He did that through Jesus.  Discuss how Jesus knows our temptations, and how He should be our example as to how to overcome it.
  16. God promises protection.  Discuss how it is a parent’s responsibility to pray protection over our children, our families, and our houses.  What is the prayer of protection?  What does it involve?  How is it beneficial to pray it specifically over our children (especially when they are “out of sight”)?  What role do the heavenly hosts have over this area?
  17. What is the job of the heavenly hosts?  How do we activate them?  Discuss how they do God’s work here on earth and their importance.
  18. God promises a new heart.  How does this happen?  What is He referencing?  How can you pray that someone with a hardened heart reaches repentance?  How can God soften someone’s heart? Incorporate this with forgiveness. (Taken)
  19. God promises eternal life- for everyone.  Discuss why everyone has an opportunity to come to Christ- that God never overlooks anyone.  Also discuss why it is important that we pray over those whom we know that are unsaved.  Why is it our duty?  Also, discuss why some people feel that they can lose their salvation.  Is it possible, or is it a myth? (So much controversy on this subject.  Please back up with scripture) (Taken)
  20. How do we take our focus off of ourselves, negativity, self-pity, self-loathing, etc and focus on the goodness of God?  Why do we choose to stay in a pit of despair, and how can we get out of it?  Discuss how God is good all the time.