Your spouse isn’t complaining, yelling, crying, or angry… Everything is perfect, right? Not necessarily….

Don’t assume that just because things are quiet that you don’t have to “check in” with your spouse. The phrase, “no news is good news” can be dangerous in a relationship- it may signal that your spouse has given up communicating with you.

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It’s not always the case, though. Sometimes your spouse can be quite content. But don’t expect that if you put your relationship on autopilot and focus on other things that everything will be okay. It takes constant, open communication, and in the absence of it, relationships die.

Too often we take our spouses for granted assuming that once we are married, it’s until death do us part. If you neglect your relationship, if you mistreat your spouse, if you don’t cherish them, and if you don’t pursue them, you can’t expect to have a something that lasts. The goal of marriage shouldn’t be to make it to the altar, but to build a strong foundation with your spouse that withstands everything life throws at you.

If your foundation is cracked, it can’t stand. It will weaken, and it will be damaged until you chose to fix it- if you chose to fix it. Too many people ignore the signs that their marriage is in trouble until their spouse asks for a divorce. The signs are there, but in their pre-occupation, they never see the outcome until it’s too late.

How Do We Fix Our Marriage?

Our next issue focuses on the things that can build your marriage, and things that we do that prevent it from flourishing. Most of the marriage busters are the things that jokes are made up of, but there is always a hint of truth to them. The wise person recognizes the pitfall and avoids it. They learn from the mistakes of others. The foolish person laughs, says that it won’t happen to them, and ignores it.

The thing is, that no one enters a marriage thinking that they will ever get divorced. Yet through our own ignorance… Our own neglect… Our own selfishness… It happens. We are here to help you insulate and strengthen this precious union… FOREVER.

Isn’t your spouse worth it?

Our February 2019 issue will come out on January 28, 2019. Don’t miss it!

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