Actors, Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, announced the launch of a new online course on marriage and parenting called, “The Heart of Family: Six Weeks to a Happier Home and a Healthier Family”.  This project is presented by TheCourage, and is Cameron’s first collaboration attempt with his wife.  The course will provide faith-based foundations necessary to build strong, intentional marriages and strong families.
According to A Larry Ross, Cameron jokes fondly at the longevity of his marriage to Chelsea, “Chelsea and I have been married for 25 years, which in Hollywood years, is more like 250.  Through this course, we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We want to open our lives and open the door to our marriage, our family, our faith and our convictions. We want to share where we’ve struggled and what’s helped us. We want to share the principles that strengthened us as a couple and as a family.”
The CDC reports that the average divorce rate in America is one every 38 seconds.  Even more staggering is that 43% of children are growing up  without a father.  Studies have additionally concluded that children of divorced parents do poorly academically, mentally, and physically.
The Cameron’s hope that through this course, marriages will be revived and restored.  They are hoping to teach couples that God should be at the centre of every marriage.  Additionally, they are sharing their secrets that have allowed them to navigate through raising six kids in today’s society.
The first episode of “The Heart of Family” launches August 21 with one lesson and study guide released each week thereafter.  Lessons are provided digitally, and can be completed at the couple’s own pace.

The lessons include:
  • What is marriage?
  • Resolving conflict
  • Forgiveness
  • Godly parenting
  • Disciplining your kids
“Through this course, we hope to show couples how we got out of wilderness living into a place of hope, healing and blessing,” said Cameron. “Strong marriages will not only change our families, but the whole world. Heaven starts in the home and flows out from there.”
For more information, visit The complete course, including six lessons and study guides and access to the live Q&A with Cameron, is available for $34.99. A 20 percent discount on the course is available for those who register through August 21.

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