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Often, we enter into marriages with a happily-ever-after mentality only to quickly discover that marriage takes hard work, commitment, and compromise in order to be successful. Those that do well over the long term are couples who have learned that for a marriage to succeed, we need to rid ourselves of a “me” mentality, and embrace a sacrificial love for our spouses.


If each spouse placed the other’s needs ahead of their own, then they would grow strong. A love- not as we define love, but as God does- needs to be in operation. This type of love isn’t based on a what’s in it for me mentality, but a gentle give and take. It is about wanting the best for your spouse, and allowing them their moment. It is about being supportive, and placing their happiness above yours. It is about seeing the larger picture, and working in tandem that makes marriage successful.

In short, it is realizing that God made each spouse different, yet complimentary. Together they are a formidable force. Apart, we crumble.

Love isn’t really the “glue” which holds a marriage together, though. God must always be kept at the centre. Placing God first in your marriage is key, because He will guide you through the storms of both marriage and life. A complete reliance on Him can determine whether the relationship fares well, or is bumpy- and this reliance should be two-sided.

Is Your Marriage On A Firm Foundation Or Built On Sinking Sand?

Marriages go through seasons. However, if it is to endure, it needs to be built on a firm foundation which is found in the Word, and in our relationship with God. God cannot be an afterthought as He both designed it, designed your spouse, selected your spouse for you, and can guide you into victory.

When we don’t have a firm foundation- when our basis for marriage is unrealistic expectations, lust, greed, pride, optics, issues with self-esteem, etc, it’s built on sinking sand. Our motives must be pure, otherwise it will endure hardship as we sort through the “garbage”.

The good news is we can always work on our “stuff”, and enjoy healing. However, it’s easier when we are whole before getting married. Then, marriage is a completion, and those who are not good for us don’t become a lure in desperation.

Our February issue was recently released, and in it we discuss not only how to build strong marriages built on a firm foundation, but how to recover from issues that deplete our marriages. We will teach you how to work through the hard-times, and how to lean on God through it all.

The secret to a happy marriage isn’t really a secret. It is, however, entering into marriage with a godly, realistic perception, being healthy emotionally and spiritually, and with an attitude that you will always work through it. When you make separation to not be an option, and view marriage as permanent, then your willingness to compromise and work through issues becomes greater. It’s the difference between happiness, and misery.

Our February issue can be found by clicking on the picture below, or on the front page of our website.

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