Scripture tells us that God is love. Yet, do you really know what love is? For most of us, we identify marriage with a romantic love. But too many of us get stuck there. When romantic love dwindles, so do our affections for our spouse. If life becomes hard, many people say they just, “Didn’t sign up for this.” They make an excuse to leave instead of draw closer. The reality is that romantic love does fade… but into something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

The challenge is… Will you stick around long enough to experience it, or will you give up and run away?

You see, the choice is up to you. Life can be hard, and marriage sometimes even more challenging. When romantic/physical love changes, many people don’t understand what is happening. They think that they are losing interest. They feel as if they are growing apart. Or, made a mistake?

What Should I do With My Marriage?


But marriage shouldn’t be seen as a mistake. Marriage shouldn’t even be kept on a superficial level. Superficial marriages never go beyond the physical, or what your spouse can do for you. They remain self-gratifying, and the moment that it is gone so is the other person. These are the marriages that falter because the focus is on the self. I mean, a person who really “gets” you, who knows you intimately, whose love deepens every day, someone who you can count on in every situation, someone whose strengths are in areas that you are weak… Who really wants that?

Those things all come when we realize that marriage is more than a fuzzy feeling. Marriage involves commitment. Commitment happens in the moment that you feel like you don’t really like your spouse right now… but you are in it for the long haul. Commitment realizes that it takes two to make things work. Both spouses are determined to overcome challenges, together.

Why? Because they are better and stronger because of each other. God designed it this way.

You won’t agree on everything. Both of you may not like everything the other person does. But when the two of you work together harmoniously, you make Satan shriek… because you were designed to!

February 2021 is dedicated to eliminating love/marriage misnomers. We have veered so far from scripture as a society. We need to hear what the author of love and marriage has to say. Otherwise, how will our families be strong?

Tell your spouse that you love them, today. Read our February 2021 issue together and watch your marriage grow even stronger! Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did!

February 2021 comes out on January 26, 2021!

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