Taken from Christian Newswire, posted May 8, 2015. It was submitted by Leslie Palma, and the subsequent excerpt was submitted by Alveda King, who was the grand-daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King.

“My mother was not only angry in 1950. She was pregnant and scared; seeking a D&C. Thank God my Granddaddy Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. had seen me in a dream in 1947; and he was looking and waiting for me.

Granddaddy and Daddy promised to help Mother through that first unexpected pregnancy. I was born to A. D. and Naomi Ruth Barber King on January 22, 1951.

Over the years, Mother recovered from her anger, finding grace in Jesus Christ.

If my family had followed the abortion friendly path prescribed below, I and my siblings may never have been born.

“Feminist theologian” Kristine Holmgren writes at the Huffington Post: “If you were born before women had access to safe, affordable, accessible abortion, chances are your mother was an angry mother.” She argues that the use of abortion and contraception can eliminate “angry mothers” and concludes, “…I challenge American women to renew their commitment to responsible, thoughtful motherhood. Let’s protect our liberties, reclaim safe, accessible abortion and contraception as our birthright. This year – let us commit to a new future and a new promise. No more angry mothers.”

During the years of my life, I made some scared and angry decisions, including having two of what was pitched to me as “safe, legal and rare abortions.” Those abortions cost me three lives including my subsequent miscarriage.

“Be angry and sin not!”

Anger is one thing, dead babies are quite another thing altogether. Over the years, I have come to understand that I never needed those abortions and miscarriage. I needed help.

Granddaddy MLK, Sr. rescued me again in 1975. He and my son’s father promised to help me if I wouldn’t abort my next baby. I believed them, thank God.

Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry are wrong. Abortion is not a Civil Right. A woman has a right to choose what she does with her body; the baby is not her body.

How can the dream survive if we murder our children?

Abortion doesn’t cure anger; abortion brings death and anguish.

If we really want to help angry mothers and their children, we must offer them love, not abortion.

Choose life.”

Psalm 139:13 discusses how God created us with a plan and purpose while we were being knit together in our mother’s womb, and Jeremiah 1:5 discusses how God knew Jeremiah before his mother was pregnant with him and had already anointed him to be a prophet to the nations. It brings to light that no child no matter what the circumstances is ever a mistake.  We may sin, and that is our mistake, but God never makes mistakes, and this child has a purpose from God.

Even if this child was not conceived the way God had designed but through an attack to the person, please know that whatever Satan has intended for harm God will turn for His glory.  This child still has a purpose and plan.

Abortion is not always an answer to an unplanned pregnancy.  Also, please don’t feel condemned if you have had one.  God still loves you.  Even though God’s original design was to bless you with a child later in life, but due to circumstances they are being born now, please know that they may be an answer to someone’s prayer.  Many people are looking to adopt children and bring them into loving homes.  They will foster who God designed them to be- and you never know, they may be the next great Christian leader.

However, the world will never know what could have been if they ceased to exist.