Andrew Palau, global evangelist and son of Luis Palau, was the featured speaker this week at what has been deemed a “massive” March for Jesus Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The event was the largest gathering of its kind, and operated as one of the most incredible Gospel moments for the church/nation.

The event was organized by the local evangelical community, and supported by hundreds of local church congregations.  The March for Jesus Festival drew attention across the continent, and millions received the message of the gospel either through the live event, or by surrounding media.

March for JesusOrganizers were faced with numerous challenges.  One of the most noteworthy was the end of an eight day transportation strike.  Beginning at ten in the morning on May 31, ten semi-trailers with sound and stages led the celebration on a 3 mile march in the city.

Attendees increased to several hundred thousand as the parade continued, filling several city blocks near Praca Campo de Bagatelle park where a large stage was built for the evening portion of the festival.  Many musical artists performed during the night, and ended with a gospel message from Andrew Palau.

The message was focused on John 10:10 which says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come the they may have life, and have it to the full.”  Andrew Palau ended with a call to faith.  The result was a sea of hands rising throughout the event.  Andrew Palau then urged those who just gave their life to read Scripture, to begin attending a local church, and to pursue a relationship with God.

Additionally, Andrew Palau gathered with local pastors, leaders, and evangelists.  He encouraged them to focus on continuing in unity, and to keep evangelism a top priority.

The March for Jesus continues in many countries, and draws the largest crowds of any organized event globally.

“The March for Jesus is an international and interdenominational event that occurs annually in several nations,” local organizers state. “In it, the Church has the opportunity to show that it is not restricted to buildings, but alive and open to the whole of society.”

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