Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, is perusing over a proposal to create a line which would showcase same-sex “wedding” dolls.

In posts on Instagram and to ABC 15, a gay couple in Arizona, Nick Caprio and Matt Jacobi, who plan on getting married next May, commented that they wanted to give Jacobi’s eight-year-old niece a special gift for being their  flower girl.  Jacobi is a reality TV personality on E! and contributes to Instinct Magazine.

In his post on Instagram, Jacobi said to Mattel, “We thought it would be special to give her something with a little meaning behind it.”  He expressed that it was unfortunate that Mattel doesn’t have a set with two grooms.  His solution was to purchase a Barbie wedding set and an extra Ken doll to create a packable with two grooms and two flower girls.


The post quickly received attention from Mattel.  A spokesperson from Mattel confirmed to Good Morning America that the company has invited the men into a meeting to further discuss this opportunity.

“Mattel has been wonderful and we are meeting with the head of Barbie design, their design team and marketing – either next Friday or the first week of January,” Jacobi mentioned to GMA. “Just sorting out travel details and schedules.”

The controversies surrounding the LGBT movement still exist with parents expressing their concerns about the messages that are being introduced to their children without their consent.  The LGBT message has permeated cartoon shows (Adventure Time), super-hero shows (Two DC Shows), elementary schools, and libraries.

Jacobi and Caprio argue that homosexuality is so prevalent today that the toy making industry should not have any reservations about exposing children to it.  Caprio feels the discussion between parent and child regarding homosexuality will come up.  With more gay couples having children, he feels that kids will be seeing more gay parents.

“Love is love and it’s that simple,” Jacobi stated.

Corey Stallings from Louder with Crowder had his own sentiments about the issue.

“Lefty types seem to have an obsession with molding the kiddos to do their bidding. It’s kind of disturbing, really.  Way to make the gift all about yourself, chief. Maybe for Christmas I’ll follow suit and give everyone a stocking full of guitar strings, handgun ammo, and beef jerky.”

If Mattel goes forward with this pitch, it will not be the company’s first step into pro-LGBT messaging.  Mattel posted on Instagram a Barbie doll with a proud to wear, and a love wins t-shirt in 2017.  It used the slogan used since 2015 when the Supreme Court forced all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriages.

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