During COVID, I think the things that many of us have lost is hope. A rise in cases saw lockdowns for many countries. Being confined to the home was devastating for some- if not detrimental.

Now is the best time to deliver both hope and faith towards those who are hungry for encouragement. I pray that with this issue, we will be a light to those in darkness. Also, that we may be a hope to someone who is just hanging on.

Please submit your topic selection to Michelle Danko (mcdanko@eyeworship.org), and she will confirm it. The due date for submissions is April 15th.

  1. How do you build up your faith after facing devastating hardship? Discuss what to do when things feel bleak, and when depression seeps in. How do you give yourself the encouragement that you need? (Taken)
  2. Why do we go through trials in life?  Why are some trials short with immediate results while others drag out? Is there any significance behind a long trial? How does God use these testing periods? (Taken)
  3. Why does God answer some prayers quickly, and others have a waiting period? How can you hang on without losing your faith? How do you know when what you are praying is not in God’s will? Discuss how to pray in common situations.
  4. What do you do when it feels like God’s blessings have dried up in your life?  Have they dried up?  What is going on?  Discuss the supernatural aspect. 
  5. What do you do when it feels like all hope is lost?  How do you get back to a place of faith? (Taken)
  6. How do you open up the doors for the miraculous in your life? What can block miracles from happening? Discuss how things happen in the supernatural realm before we see them in the natural. (Taken)
  7. Discuss how we are not limited by what we see in the natural. How do we activate the supernatural in our lives? (Taken)
  8. How do you get past feeling like a failure or like you’ve failed in life? Incorporate “mid-life crisis” into the article. Why is it at this point in our lives that we often feel like our life has little significance? How do you prevent the devastating aspects of this time in a person’s life? (Taken)
  9. What causes us to doubt a vision that God has placed in our hearts?  How do you get past it? Discuss what God says about when He gives you a vision. (Taken)
  10. How do you pray for positive, godly friends to enter into your life?  Why is who you surround yourself with so important to your outlook and your walk? (Taken)
  11. How do you get past negative thoughts in your head?  Discuss what negativity breeds in life. (Taken)
  12. How do you relax when life seems to be crumbling around you? How is peace attainable? (Taken)
  13. How do you shelter your kids from fear during the hard times-  especially when as a parent you feel like breaking down. How do you remain strong?
  14. How do you resurrect hope when a marriage is failing? Can you get it back on track?
  15. Is reconciliation after divorce possible?  When do you pray it forward, and when do you release your spouse?
  16. How do you fix estranged relationships? Discuss estrangement in a spouse, a child, and family members as they all have different attributes.
  17. How do you come back to God if you feel so far away? (Taken)
  18. How do you heal from brokenness caused by poor self-esteem? What scriptures can you use to build yourself back up? (Taken)
  19. How do you recover when you feel like you have failed God? (Taken)
  20. How can you feel God’s love when you feel so unlovable? Also discuss what do tell a person who has never felt God’s love or anyone’s love, for that matter. How do they trust God, and let Him in? (Taken)
  21. Discuss what a relationship with God as your father looks like. How does He fill in gaps that an earthly father can leave? What about the gaps left by a spouse? How does He make us whole?