Military Families: Don’t allow circumstances or temptations destroy what God put together!

Military families have their own specific set of challenges, and are yet can be the most under discussed topic in terms of marriage.  Not only is the family often faced with being relocated with the spouse needing to find a new job, children being enrolled in new schools, making new friendships, etc, but also what happens in the marriage in the case of deployment.

Deployment can be six months or longer depending on the situation, and in a marriage- especially a newly married one- couples can face a myriad of challenges.  It isn’t easy not to have your husband/wife with you every day.  It’s something most couples take for granted, but when your spouse works for the military, time at home is precious and meaningful.  Additionally, it’s difficult to long to be around your spouse and they are not there.  Often military spouses report feelings of loneliness.

Then there is the uncertainty when your spouse is in the military of whether your spouse will make it home…

It’s also not easy to raise children, either.  Many who faithfully serve in the military sometimes aren’t able to see their children born as they are away.  Sometimes there is a timely gap until they are able to be reunited with their family.  Not only that, but sometimes children have difficulty forming a strong bond with the spouse.  Challenges for the spouse at home include raising children by yourself.  As many single parents can attest to, it can be challenging doing it by yourself.

While video chats and technologies make it easier in terms of maintaining a relationship, many couples struggle with the physical aspects of the absence.

Rany Williams discusses this unique situation, and helps shore up married couples who are adjusting to military life.  With a deep understanding, he will teach you how to maintain a healthy, happy marriage, maintain intimacy, strengthen the family, and, most of all, avoid temptation.

We pray over our military families, and it is our desire to keep these families strong!  If you know of someone who needs encouragement, please share.  This article and more can be found in our March 2018 issue on Strengthening Marriages on February 26, 2018.

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