Is this trend towards socialism due to inexperience, naivety, or poor education?

There are rising concerns growing that a generation of millennials are being influenced by socialism due to a flaw in the education system that teaches them that it is only fair that those who have money share it with those that don’t.  The idea sounds good, in theory, but as we’ve seen historically, it has had some disastrous results.

Financial expert, Dan Celia of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, says, “I think that they hear some of the programs of the ideology of socialism – such as ‘free college’ – and because of that they lean towards a particular socialist candidate because that’s as far as it goes; they don’t look any further than a couple of talking points from that socialist candidate.”

Celia says that they tend to move towards socialism not knowing what it is fully about, and they aren’t educated about the ideology.

Many simply fail to understand why it is flawed, and why it hasn’t worked.

Of special concern is the trend for millennials to support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who has described himself as a “democratic socialist”.  National polls show 84% of voters under 30 are supporting him.  Polls also show that more than one-third of people 18-29 favor socialism, while others show that employment and college debt are the dominant concerns of millennial voters.

Celia also argues that, “They are too busy clamoring to put into place whatever their itching ears have heard and their feet rush to vote for.  Morality and the Judeo-Christian values, which the average millennial has learned so little about, mean nothing in their grand scheme of governing a society. This Millennial economy that some are so excited about may result in the loss of the greatest republic in the world.”

Celia also believes that another issue is that young Americans feel a certain type of entitlement.  The feels that they haven’t had enough experience in a free-market economy, and haven’t been part of a collaborative process where thoughts, entrepreneurship, and innovation exist.  They have no knowledge about these things, and they aren’t being taught in schools.

 Our Two Cents:

I recall being taught about socialism in schools, and when you are young (and lack experience) on paper, it sounds like an answer to the world’s problems.  Take from the rich and give to the poor to balance out wealth sounds like a good solution when you don’t understand how the world really operates, and how human behavior factors into that decision.

It takes money to run all of the institutions that we take for granted, and with socialism, money just ran out so countries were left poor.  It sounds like a solution that everyone have access to post-secondary education, for example.  On paper, it sounds like a solution.  However, who is going to pay for salaries, running costs, etc involved in maintaining that business?  Many would say that the rich should pay for it.  Yet why should the rich work hard only to have the money that they earned stripped away?  The model only works if everyone is committed to working hard (which doesn’t happen), and most people will fail to work hard because there is simply no real incentive.  All of their earnings go to support a collective of people who may or may not work as hard as they do.

Those that lack discipline end up getting a “free ride” on those that work hard which causes everything to crumble.  Socialism has also been known to lead to tyranny.

A democratic system enables enterprises to flourish, and our market is such that anyone can enter in and succeed if they are determined to do so.  There are opportunities for people to advance if they really want to, and are willing to work hard for it.  There are those that are wealthy, yes, however many of them do give to numerous charity and do tend to give back.  People are motivated to get ahead, and we live in a land where opportunities do abound.

Socialism also ignored that our provision is from the Lord- no one else- and it is God who promotes.  If you believe that God is no discriminator of persons, as the Bible says, then you also have to believe that if you follow His will for your life, then you will succeed.  It is simply, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

Simply put, seek God and His wisdom over your life.

The wealthy are not your provider, nor are they your source, God is.  God can provide opportunities and open doors for you.  I have seen it repeatedly in my business, and I can testify that it is true.

Socialism places the wealthy as our source, not God.  The danger in teaching children about socialism is that to young inexperienced ears, it sounds good.  However the education system often fails to teach children why it doesn’t work, and that can be done simply by a simulation (role-playing).

When you are young, your parents provide for your needs, and you tend to extrapolate that sense into the fact that the government should provide for your needs as well.  In reality, the government should take care of those who have fallen on hard times, but are willing to get back up and work again to be a productive force in society.  These people are more entitles because they have contributed into the system.  They aren’t looking for a hand out, but a hand up.

There are indeed high costs with education, but someone also has to pay for the bills involved in running the institution.  Young people aren’t aware that there are expenses to running everything, and those costs aren’t going to be covered merely by taking money away from the wealthy.  We need people who are wealthy because they supply the jobs that we need to exist.  If they do not turn a profit, jobs will be cut and people will go hungry.  It is a delicate balance.  While it seems unfair, in many ways it equals out- if you take the time to think about it.

It is only by entering the work force that young people gain the knowledge about what the world is about, and that not all answers are as simple as they may have thought.  The focus on “me” is characteristic of this age group as many have not yet had the responsibilities of taking care of a family.  The flaw really is in not teaching the next generation about life and how it works.  Many, unfortunately, are not prepared.



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