Adults in the 18-35 age bracket would answer yes to this question. Millennials have been labeled as lazy, coddled, and unmotivated. They are criticized for lacking effort, and wanting things to come easily. Yet, for many people in this age range, this is the furthest from the truth.

Yes, there are those that fall into this category… and the media magnifies this persona. They call this generation “snowflakes”. But any generation could garner this title- if we are honest. Yet millennials face unique challenges that most of us have never conceived. They proudly think differently than many of us do.

JObless and lazy…

Some see it this way. But the reality is that many can’t find jobs in their field. It is not that they haven’t tried, at all. Mounting student debt is a testament to that! Millennials know that in order to get a good job, they need a good education. They work for it because they have to in order to survive in a competitive world.

In fact, many of them now have to work two jobs just to pay off loan. They began life in debt in search of a better life. Most of us know that debt is no way to begin a life. Yet, many take the chance hoping that their story will be different.

Now, does working two jobs just to make ends meet justify the title?

Fear of Failure? Millennials Too Coddled?

Absolutely! But who doesn’t? Media saturates us with pictures of kids needing pet therapy, aromatherapy, and any other therapy out there just to cope with a perceived (minor) loss. They are mocked and labeled as weak. Yet, is this a majority?

If we have a generation who is going into debt just for a better future, how coddled could they be? Again, working two jobs? Doesn’t sound too privileged to me.

Yet they do fear failure. Most of them have a lot to lose. And this may be the reason for delaying marriage. Most people want to be in a position wherein they can support their family. Debt puts a damper on that.

This generation is probably the most politically astute. They are concerned with discrimination, racism, and the environment. They want to make a change because they are well aware of where previous generations have failed.

Doesn’t really sound like a snowflake to me.

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