This is an area that many believers struggle in; How do we keep our thoughts pure?

It is easy to follow the world’s pattern of thinking.  Unless you were raised in a Christian home, many of us were taught to think “the way of the world”, and it takes some adjusting or “renewing” of our minds to the thoughts of Christ.

I can’t say that renewing your mind is easy.  In fact, it may be more difficult than you think as suddenly you are aware that your thoughts and actions must now come into alignment with scripture.  We can no longer live the way of the world, and often when we do, we face the Holy Spirit’s gentle conviction.

So how do you cleanse a mind that has been so conditioned to the patterns and thoughts of a very liberal society?

Paul Ahnert discusses how to renew your mind to the thoughts of Christ.  He delves into common questions such as whether old habits/thoughts just drop off, or whether they take time.  He also discusses how we can keep our thoughts focused on Christ so that our behavior then falls into line with what we know to be right in God’s eyes.

All of our actions begin with our heart and then proceed to our thoughts.  If we choose to meditate on those thoughts- either good or bad- they become our reality.  Simply put, what we choose to meditate on we eventually act on.  It becomes our behavior.

Spring is a time to declutter!  Begin with your mind and remove Satan’s garbage with our April issue coming out on March 27!

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