We are aware of the many groups seeking to remove prayer from society under the guise of “acceptance”, “tolerance”, and for the sake of unity.  While most of us are non-discriminatory, and don’t practise any bias based on religion, an increasing number of outside influences are invading our children’s phones under the cloak of universal acceptance- but this is far from the truth.  This is where the latest fad has stepped in: Mindfulness Meditation– and it’s being taught in schools and on teams.

Many training apps are now being produced specifically targeting schools and teams.  Conversely, many teams and schools are now endorsing “mindfulness meditation”.

mindfulness meditationAccording to 4 Winds Christian Athletics President, Steve McConkey, Nike is using mindfulness training at their facilities.  They are expanding meditation through an app called “Headspace”.  The meditation in this particular app is said to be more upbeat in nature as opposed to the traditional stationary.  The purpose of the app is to allow runners to get more out of their workouts.

Mindful meditation is begin packaged in training programs in schools and on sports teams to be an outlet to calm the mind, and allows a person to focus.  The roots, however, are in Eastern religions.  The irony?  Eastern religions are being allowed on these teams in an effort to include all religions, yet Christianity is being pushed out.

Mindful meditation is very similar to various other forms of meditation– except without telling the person meditating to clear their thoughts.  The focus it to be on the “present” and to tune in to your body’s natural rhythm/breathing.  However, there is a danger.  While it sounds calming and relaxing, you are clearing your mind by focusing on your body.  For some, this allows demonic spirits to become present.  Furthermore, it does eliminate God from the picture.

The emphasis of this is placed on self, whereas as a Christian, “soaking” would be more productive.  Not only could you be still and seek to hear from the Lord, but you could silently pray asking God for peace…. Or just simply soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“There is always a duplicate for the things of God,” states 4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey. “Prayer is outlined in the Bible, a means of getting to know God as we meditate on His Bible.

Mindfulness meditation is a false duplicate. Instead of connecting to the God of the Bible, people open themselves up to dark forces which are harmful. Teams and schools have replaced asking for God’s blessings with mindfulness meditation that focuses on themselves.”

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