In a family, a great deal of attention can be focused on the children.  Between helping with homework, conversations, discipline, family time, Bible time, and extra-curricular activities, we can spend a great deal of time focused on their activities ensuring their future is filled with possibilities.  Yet what about your spouse?
We can become so focused on the children, that we loose the intimate and deep connection that we have with our spouses.  When we place our children over our spouse, we are neglecting our marriage and sending a silent message to our spouse that they simply aren’t as important.
Our children need to see that their parent’s marriage comes first in the family, and they need to see examples of a strong marriage between a husband and wife.  It will model the type of marriage that they have in the future.  If you don’t want your children’s marriage to be like yours, for any reason, it may be time to make some changes as you, as parents, are the example.
God never designed for your children to be the center of attention over your spouse.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
Danielle Love will discuss, in our next issue, why it is important to always place your spouse first, and the positive effects that it has on your family.  She will also discuss what happens when our priorities are mixed up, and how to get back on the right track.
Are your priorities out of whack?  Margo McKenzie will discuss the order that things should be arranged in our lives beginnning with God first, and the strength of what happens when they are.  She will discuss why God arranged things in this manner and the importance of them to remain as such.
Our December issue will come out November 28th.

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