They say money is the root of all evil… Or is it the love of money ?

What is money?  Money is something we use in exchange of our needs and wants. Money is just paper until we put value to it.

In today’s world, money can define social status such as what class of people you interact with, where your children attend school, type of car you purchase, or what you wear.

Money has been known to change the best of people. When does it change us?  The moment our love of money starts to take over and define who we are with the obsession over making more money.  It becomes really dangerous when it becomes an idol and replaces our love for God.

People begin to loose their happiness. They forget what made them happy before the money was acquired. All eyes are on the world and man. It’s now all about our status.

Psychologists conducted a study of how money and wealth impact our behavior. The study showed that many were unaware of the change in attitude and behavior.

Studies also showed that merely thinking about money led to irrational behavior: even when they knew right from wrong.

Our Two Cents:

Money is not about status. Money will not bring you happiness. Money should cover our needs.

Do not get me wrong, no one wants to struggle, or live paycheck to paycheck. The Bible states that God wants his children to prosper. In order to prosper, we need to take our focus off the world and focus on his word. We will begin to see changes in our lives.

Prayer keeps us in balance. As long as we have a healthy balance, the world can not corrupt us.  Pray about everything, yes, even money.

The rich should not surround themselves with money.  Give back to the poor, the homeless, look after your neighbors. It is then you will find, that you are richer beyond compare.

1 Timothy 6:10

Money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is.

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