Today’s society teaches us that men and women should equally contribute to the financial well-being of the family. While there is nothing wrong with this sentiment, there are some flawed ideologies to this that cause disagreements in a marriage.

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What are the Flawed Ideologies?

  1. Men should celebrate and encourage their wife to be the provider for the household. Men are told it is sexist to feel like less of a person if their wife is the sole-provider. However, if you look at it biblically, men are to be the provider of the household. In fact, 1 Timothy 5:8 admonishes the man who fails to provide for his household. While men should encourage their wives to pursue the calling on their lives, biblically men are still required to be the providers as found in Genesis when God commanded Adam to work the land.
  2. Money shouldn’t matter in a relationship- it should be based on love. There is a joke that says, “Love doesn’t pay the bills”, and this is true. When you are unable to meet your financial obligations, when the harassing calls come non-stop from creditors, and you are struggling just to put food on the table, money matters. The lack of funds are often cause for continual arguments between couples and if often a leading cause for divorce.
  3. It’s my money, I can spend it any way I want to. Yes, if you are single- and after you have made all of your payments (good stewardship is important). If you are married, your income is not your own, but is both yours and your spouses’. Where one partner spends all of the money, and the other saves, it can cause tension in a relationship.

There are many more, but these are some of the most common. The desire for financial security is strong in both males and females, but for different reasons. Where financial strain exists, the marriage becomes strained as well.

Diana Ashworth discusses the importance of financial security from both a male and female perspective in a marriage. She will also discuss why money matters, and why it can be the source of contention in a marriage.

Diana also discusses how couples can be good stewards with their resources, and how God blesses you when both couples are responsible.

Our next issue on marriage builders and busters can be found on our website on January 29, 2019!

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